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Small rant!

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I posted the dad that shot his daughter lap top on face book and for the most part I had everyone saying good job. Expect one friend who is a child therapist! She sent me a private mess (did want to post it so everyone could see) but say saying why he was in the wrong. Now sat there a min and thought about her kids she has a step son and two other sons. Well the step son has always been nasty to her and never liked her and always managed to make her and his dad fight about him much like the skids from here. Now her son same age as my kids is being brought home by the police and has stolen money from her and his younger brother. Now as i sat there thinking about this i couldn't help but think that well she has been sucked in by society telling her that kids should be put on a pedistool and be catered too with no discipline or teaching...and she is a THERAPIST??? :jawdrop:

Now i was thinking 'I'm going to listen to a person who can't control her own kids'. So i sent her a reply about how we will have to agree to disagree.


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This may help to explain why the 4 years of therapy our 3 skids have had has done jack-shit and actually made things worse. Just one more person doing the "oh poor baby!" routine.

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not all therapist are good therapist if you don't see results. i would change. i personally think that we should just raise our children like we were raised. Or me anyway. We didn't talk back and we did what we were told to do when we were told to do it. Because if we didn't we got our butt spanked. My parents were a team, mom told you no if you didn't listen dad whooped your butt no question asked. we weren't beat or anything. just thought respect.Some of the best kids I've meet these day are the ones that are home school. They get very little TV time and what they do watch is monitored. they eat their meals at home. Just a good old style of living. Its really sad the way the world has changed in the last 40 years. that we can't even get on to oour own kids.

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She thinks that his dd learned her anger from him with the way he was talking to her and acting.