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Busier? I think not LOL

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Yuck called dh fri to tell him about ss16 teeth and wanted to know why he hadn't called her back when she called earlier in the day! Well yuck it is b/c he has a get this a JOB! Hello! But she went on to say that she is busier then us when dh told her he was busy working. And that we wouldn't last a day with her schedule. Oh please you don't have a job and the boys are in school all day!

However dh and I both have a full time job and a business we run from home all the while maintaining the household and the kids. But she is busier? Laughable LOL

Yep yuck what the hell do you do all damn day???? B/c it sure in the hell doesn't take all day to clean you house! That is the only other thing I can think of that you do during the day. expect to maintain the kids doc visits and such but that still isn't every day 8-5 work week let alone running a business on top of that!

Damn that woman pisses me off! But it's all good dh will continue to support you and the boys since you refuse to get a job!


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Maybe she is like our BM and is busy smashing that level on candy crush that everyone is stuck on, or maintaining farms in Farmville I and II and Farmtown.

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Yeah, I love hearing from all my sahm friends how busy they are and how they never ha e time for anything blah blah blah. Hun, I see all your FB game updates....I know exactly how "busy" you are all day.

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Hey, hey, hey...being a stay-at-home mom is hard work. Do you know how many steptalk forums and comments I have to read today? And level 350 on Candy Crush is a b****. Blum 3

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yea i know it just bugs me that she really truly thinks she is busier. She quit her job b/c she said it gets in the way! Really ? I mean we have no choice and if dh quit his b/c it got in the way she'd have a cow!

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He didn't mean to she just started in about once he said he was busy with work. That set her off. LOL he tried to change it back to ss16. _