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OT - Paperwork

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So I can voice my sheer annoyance.

Lawyer beginning of last week "your paperwork is good to go."
Me: "Awesome! I'll pay you ASAP!"

Thursday: *tax returns come in, so I pay him*

Me: "When can we get this signed and done with."
Lawyer: "It won't be ready until beginning of next week."
Me: "okay"

Me: "when and where can we get this signed this week?"
Lawyer: "I'll let you know when it's done."


I JUST WANT A DIVORCE DAMMIT. At this point I don't care. Give him my car in the paperwork.  I'll walk my a$$ everywhere if it means I don't have to deal with being married to him anymore.  I had a full on Panic attack Friday night.  So not eager to repeat that.  I desprately need to fix my mental health, and I honestly believe this divorce is going to help is tremendously.  Just knowing I'm not longer married to a psychotic narcissistic cheater.


That is all.


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However, just my two cents. The laywer works for you. I would remind them of that. 

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Just breathe. You only paid on Thursday. It takes them a minute to write up everything. You want them to write it up right, not just fast. Last thing you need is XH arguing over something silly.

Remember, the process has started. You're already on Step 4 (1 was realizing you need to end it, 2 was actually ending it and leaving, 3 was putting together your plan to divorce, 4 was getting the ball rolling). You're halfway there. It'll be done sooner than you'll realize.

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Take deep breaths and I know its easier said than done but you already started so try to be patient. You got the ball rolling and you want everything to go as smooth as possible so the divorce can go through ASAP. Should the lawyer miss something it will only delay the process.

One step at a time, continue individual therapy, meditate, deep breaths and do activities that you enjoy so that your mind is not too occupied by this.

You got this!

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What the others said, PA.  Take a deep breath, hang out with your puppers, and try to let things unfold.

Look at how far you've come!   I'm so proud of you, I know this wasn't easy.

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PAI, I am forever thankful that you have clarity on this. You have done something difficult that will make you a much stronger person in the future. You got this!

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Thank you all!!! You're all right.  I think the most frustrating point was him saying the papers were done but then syaing they won't be ready.  I'm ready for this to come ot a close.