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OT- Baby update and Skid report card day

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Not skid related, but wanted to share. Had my 36 wk ultrasound today and baby boy currently weighs 7lbs 9oz..... Which would put him at 9-10 lbs if we make it to 40 weeks. His head circumference is 5 weeks ahead. I had them look back in my chart for when I had my first BS, and their measurements are identical! So ill soon have another big strong smarty-pants boy! He's head down already and ready to go.

Then had to pick up the skids and its report card day. SD finds me first and says that her teacher didn't have time to do their behavor reports this week. I question her, really? Yep, she said that she ran out of time because of a pep rally so she didn't get time to do then.... Ok, no problem SD, cause we are too g to talk to her right now anyways cause I have to pick up your report card. And she instantly gets her "oh shit" face. The performance begins.... Oh wait, I think maybe friend X took hers home, hmmmm, maybe they were in our boxes, hmmm, I don't remember......well SD, there's no backtracking now, if I talk to your teacher and she says she gave you the behavior report you are in trouble for lying.

SS finally joins us so we head off to see their teachers. I ask sd's teacher if she did the behavior reports, she says yes, I day SD said that you didn't have time and she doesn't have it. She looks at SD and says SD, I handed it directly to you at your desk and told you to put it in your bag.... SD says something about how its not in her cubby.....teacher repeats, I handed it to you at your desk, look in your bag for it. SD does a half ass crappy search of her bag and teacher wanders off to finish picking up the class. SD sips IL her bag, puts it on, says its not in here see you next week teacher and bolted out of the room with us al just standing there with our mouth open.

She's half way down the hallway by the time I get out there. I was so livid at this point that had I dealt with her id have created a huge scene so I just headed to SS class. In hind sight I wish I had asked teacher directly what the behavior report said, but it will all come out eventually. She's sitting on her bed for now until Dh gets home to deal with her.

I am so sick of this kids shit. I don't need this stress.


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Congrats on the baby! My kids heads were huge too, both in the 97%. I had c-sections and the dr (with my 1st) pulled my son out and said " yep, that wouldn't have fit!". I hope everything goes smoothly for your delivery Smile

Good job calling her out on the lie. And let her dad deal with the rest, you should relax while you can!

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That's why I asked about BS measurements, if his big through ok, pretty sure this one will too.

My OB said I should be really greatful that I was blessed with a good pelvis, lol.

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OK, I have seriously wondered if there is a correlation between head size and intelligence! My kids are both very very smart. My son is "gifted" and my daughter 4 and reading. The have big heads, lol. We call my son's the rockin' noggin' because it is like a bowling ball.

FSS-(his head was in the 40%)-- lets just say that my daughter tutors him and he has 2 years on her. She does his sight words with him at night and gets very frustrated lol

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Same with both my kids! My DS is almost 12 and wearing an adult goalie mask! and both DD and DS are extremely intelligent!

We fondly refer to my son as "Big Head" or "The Head"

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Congrats on the healthy baby boy. I am almost 15 weeks and I am excited about this baby so is my whole family! I am so anxious to know the gender so we can start picking out names. I'm hoping for another girl since I have one of each with DH and DD is the only girl in the family.