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My mother drives me crazy!!

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I love my mom. She is an incredible woman and great mother and friend. HOWEVER, she drives me crazy!

In our family we have never had to share holiday's. My dad's family has never lived near by and we never spent any holiday's with them growing up, it was always my mom's family.

When I got married the first time my exH's parents were dead so never had to share again. None of my other siblings or cousins are married so once again, no sharing.

NOW that FDH and I are together and his whole family lives within 5 minutes of us and my family it is complicated. We are splitting holiday's and also trying to do things with both families. For father's day my mom offered to have a cookout for everyone. GREAT! Awesome. The stupidest call just took place between her and I though.

Mom: What is his family bringing?
Me: FMil wants me to learn to make her potato salad and banana pudding
Mom: I wanted to make potato salad. That is so rude she is making potato salad. It will be all mustardy and eggy and gross.
Me: IDK mom, she want's me to make it. It's important for her to teach me. I don't like any potato salad anyway. Can't we just have both?
Mom: No, she can make her stupid nasty potato salad. I just wont have any!
Me: OK... I have to go. I love you, you ridiculous woman!

This has nothing to do with potato salad really, it is about sharing. She has to share me with Fmil. And what if someone likes Fmil's stupid mustardy potato salad :O We can't have that!!


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I like mustardy potato salad too. Geez, can't imagine how competitive your mom will be with his family when you guys have kids...

I see WWIII coming...

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This is just new for her. She's never ever had to share her kids on holidays.

I promise that was not about potato salad. It was about you doing something kinda daughterly with another mom.