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Being a Stepmom is Making Me Fat :)

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I love feeding my family and we go big at the holidays. Yesterday for Easter Sunday we made ham, mashed potatoes, salad and a pan of lemon bars (Contessa's recipe). We had an awesome full table and a great time being together.

Of course, today the kids toddled off to their mom's house for two days, and hubby toddled off to work.
I work at home so I am now alone to deal with a savory half-ham and extremely seductive lemon bars calling my name all day .... Gwen, you know you want us, mmmmmmm, aren't we beautiful. LOL!

Too much leftover food. One of these little things about being a stepmom that only stepmoms know about! You try to make smaller portions but ham and turkeys only come so small. Oh well, the freezer stays stocked and the neighbors are well fed Smile LOL!


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Great idea on sending to hubby's work! I've done that before with Christmas candy. Perhaps I'm resisting letting the lemon bars go, haven't offered them to any neighbors yet either Smile *just have to square them off a bit* ACK!

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it's so sad when parents drop the ball on giving kids guidance on eating habits. I try to teach SS and SD a 'balance' rule - treats ok, but not every day. It was funny, on easter we had a big discussion about trans fats, SS and SD were polite but not fascinated...then at the next meal they were in the kitchen inspecting labels! DH said 'you got to them' Smile