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A little back-up please!

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This morning was a nightmare. FSS6 woke up pissey as all hell. He gets like that sometimes, I get it, he is not a morning person. The normal routine is me getting my 2 bio's (4yrs and 6 yrs) and FSS up and dressed and ready in the morning. I get DD4 dressed, then go in a lay out the boys clothes, tell them to wake up and get dressed. The deal we have is that if they get dressed and I don't have to stand in there and keep on them like babies I will go make lunches (none of them care for school lunch). If they don't-- I won't. Plain and simple. 19 out of 20 times, no problem, we get it done in the morning.

This morning FSS woke up screaming at me. Seriously, as soon as I said "rise and shine sleepy heads!" I got-- "AHHHRIIGH!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!" I was one throw down temper fit after another all morning. Needless to say this morning lunches didn't get made. School lunches today kiddos!

FDH gets pissey with me this morning while I was leaving. He wanted to know why I couldn't just make the lunches. Keep in mind that FDH gets coffee brought to him in bed every morning and does NOTHING to help with 3 kids!UMM... Because-- acting like a fool won't get you want you want. Temper fits don't work. I don't tolerate being disrespected. Take your pick.

FDH answer, well I guess I will just take him to the store and he can pick out a lunchable. (THIS GOT ME LIVID!) I say- "OR you can give him $2 for lunch at school and tell him that tomorrow if he acts right, overworked will make the lunch you like. Other wise you are saying F overworked and her rules. Here, have a treat for acting like a brat!" Then I walked away and got in the car with my kids and went to work, I didn't give him a chance to respond.

This is one of the STUPIDEST things for US to fight over EVER!! All I am asking for is to be backed up. We have had this talk before. It isn't like the kid is going to starve to death. He just has to eat school lunch. They have chicken nuggets every day as an option for goodness sakes! Just back me up...


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how about the lunches could have been made and the coffe in bed could have been skipped. Spoiled man!!! ( that parts on you hun)

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I would do it at night but it is my kid motivator. "Get going so I can make lunches!" It usually works... LOL packed lunches is how I bribe my kids!