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Having a petty moment

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FDH is at his ex-step daughter's 8th grade graduation. I like the kid, don't get me wrong. She wanted her brother and my FDH to be there, she loves them, and that is awesome! She is FSS's sister and our house is open to her to come over any time. I honestly even get along with most of FDH's ex's family (they have custody of the ex-step). HOWEVER, the incubator will be at this event and I am not there. I don't know why this bothers me so much. FDH hates her with a firey passion. But it's killing me... I don't want her sniffing around the man I love. I just don't want her around at all...Can't she go back to jail already??

Why does this woman get under my skin so much? I know part of it is that FSS always gets hurt. I hate that! He is mine in every way but blood. He is MY son if anyone asks. And it kills me that I can't keep him safe from her (emotionally). I just hate her... I hate that I hate her. I hate that she gets to me! OK... Done. Had to get it out there and go home and pretend that the whole thing didn't bother me at all...


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Think of it this way.... It doesn't matter how hard she tries she will never be with him again. Just hose him down with disinfectant when he gets home in case he breathes some fumes on him.

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I have the same issue come tomorrow. SO with be at her sons (I refuse to call him SS due to not wanting to be associated with him) H.S. graduation.

SO's Ex will be there. I am not too happy about her being there without some kind of backup to shield her from all the shit that he usually throws her way.