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So, after everything that happened when DH called me at work and said he wanted to stay together and work it out I posted and EVERYONE told me he was full of it and I still need to leave. I really took all of your advice to heart and was thinking how strong I need to be when I got home last night.

That was until I walked in to a spotless house. I had not done a single thing to clean or dishes or anything in 5 days. I was refusing. After we had talked he left work and went home and cleaned the house from top to bottom for me AND did all the laundry. This is a man who has not done a dish or load of laundry in over 2 years. He wont even clear is own plate after dinner. Then he took SS to football instead of putting it off on me like he always does. After HE put SS in bed (once again I was off the hook) he invited me to sit out on the porch to talk. It was really nice. Then this morning SS was giving me a hard time getting out of bed and I had to go. DH got up and said that he would take him to camp. He has not done a daycare run since we moved in together.

I don't know if it will last but this is honestly the first time he has ever gone out of his way to make me happy since we have lived together. Part of me is really hoping that this was his wake up call- that I am a good woman and he would be hard pressed to ever find someone else to deal with his shit.

I am not a total idiot, my deposit is still sitting with the apartment complex and I figure it can just stay there for a while. I guess I am just hoping beyond hope that this is going to work.


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Listen, maybe this was the shake up he needed to see that you were going to walk out and never look back. I believe in trying hard to make things work. If you feel, in your heart, that this man loves you and who love him and that he is willing to at least help you carry the load, then by all means, stay with your partner.
If it turns out that it was just a sham in order to get you to stay, then, the next time, you leave with no warning.
Good luck & enjoy your clean house.

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I always say actions speak louder than words. It is great to feel appreciated and it seems like he is trying to do that. Sometimes we all need a little boot in the rear end to see the whole picture. Keep talking to him, the lines of communication are really open right now and you can start mending all of those fences. Nothing happens overnight but he obviously doesn't want you going anywhere! Best of luck!! Smile