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I am so over the manipulation tactics...

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SD17 told two different stories to her BM and DH so she would be able to go to homecoming. However, it backfired when BM called me to confirm that SD could go to homecoming, because BM had a family event planned on the same day, and had specifically planned it for her weekend. SD wanted to switch weekends to go to homecoming instead. SD told BM that DH said it was ok and everything was all planned out and they need to switch weekends. Funny DH didn't know anything about homecoming, much less switching weekends. Apparently SD planned to switch the weekends around on her own and just tell DH that BM wasnt getting her that weekend, then she was going to MIL's to go to homecoming and DH would be none the wiser. DH was ticked off that he was lied to yet again and that SD manipulated all these people to get what she wants. So SD is not going to homecoming now becasue she lied and skeemed to get there.

How sad? It really doesn't have to be this hard ya know. SD could have just talked to DH about homecoming and he probably would have let her go...instead she goes and tries to twist things around? Then when DH tells SD she is not going, she has a fit. SD basically tells us she is leaving when she turns 18 to go live with MIL, I told her bye, see ya, but dont expect me to keep footing the bill once you walk out the door. She keeps threating me that she is going to leave in December, instead of June when she graduates. She thinks I give a rats behind about the child support we get for her. Unfortunately, what SD and BM fail to understand is that it was NEVER about the money. IF SD leaves and we don't get one more cent from BM, I would be thrilled just to have my sanity back.


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I completely understand. SDemon (16) is SOOOOOO manipulative. It is like they know they can manipulate. Of course, her BM is BPD, so a lot of it is a learned behaviour, or possibly she has BPD too. She also keeps saying that as soon as she turns 18, she is moving out, even though will have a few more months of HS. My DH just says, I will help you pack---ha ha ha. I have just started counting the days----540 left to go. I cannot wait, as maybe our lives will become sane finally, and we can tell BM to not call, contact, etc... or will get a restraining order