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Weekend with half our skids

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VENT: so we ended up swapping w/his ex some weekends because you know-she just HAD to have Halloween w/her girl.

What a crock of shit. The wknd swap consists of us being off schedule an entire month-where we have mine or his.
I thought my bf was just being a mad ex when he suggested that his exe's halloween would probably suck anyway. I said, well maybe she had something big planned. Thinking he's just talking out of his butt lol...but he's never wrong!

So my kids go to their dads this wknd...but bf has the little girl. When I see her she goes on to tell me that she was so upset about Halloween, that she shoudl have come over to our place and that is stunk. Worst day ever. This girl LOVES Halloween and last year we had a blast. She would have had a great time with us and all the kids...we had a group ranging from 9-14, about 10 of them and they stuck together-I know my neighbors so they were on their own trick or treating for quite some time, while the parents gave out candy. We had everything decorated, had scary movie marathons...was great.

Basically her was the ex's idea of a BIG event.. her mom and a friend and the kids went to a church event for an hr, then to trick or treat in her own neighborhood-but the moms made them do it in the CAR! WTH??/ They wouldn't even let them walk through their own neighborhood (which isn't bad) to trick or treat? Just drove them from house to house...I mean I know that the mom and the friend are both overweight and lazy but still...I mean really??? YOu changed our schedules for a MONTH over some lame ass way to do Halloween like that?

ONCE again i bit my tongue so bad but what is her problem? The bf was just as irritated of course.

The girl was stuck to me quite a bit this wknd-maybe taking advantage of not having my boys around-you can tell this girl is starved for mother/female figure attention and affection. She snuggled with me, sat by me, both mornings jumped up in bed with me to talk. Played dress up again with my clothes. Just basically sucked up all affection/time she could. Irritates me that she just has a lame neglectful mom.

SO she still doesn't have the bf's phone-but at 2pm Sunday (drop off is supposed to be 6pm) she calls his parents who call him-she's wanting to meet up early since she was in the area.

Well, my bf calls her back blocking his number with *67 and explains the girl is playing and having a good time. MOm he says "I'll ask her, but you know how it is on Sundays-she never wants to go back". I just had to cover my mouth from laughing..and of course she injected "What's that supposed to mean"...well stupid, just that she never watns to go back on Sunday-go figure. Course he just said..well she doesn't ever want to go back, don't know what to tell ya.

Oh..another gem-my bf and I were out of town in the mountains for my bday when his D had her first game of season-rec. She gave him the biggest guilt trip on earth and ranted and raved-called us many times /texts before 8am to see if he was coming. Then when he finally talked to her she laid it on THICK.
We knew we had the whole season to attend-and wouldn't miss the last game (which was this wknd).
Then this wknd her last game, the mom announces that SHE will be out of town to the mountains w/her friends-ONE of which is the teams captain, and her daughter missed the game also. WTF??? The last game-none of her family was there either. So why give us so much crap and turn around and do what you said was horrible? LOL.

I guess she felt guilt-and wanted her D to come home early Sunday-tried to entice her w/a "gift" she got from the mountains and to come home and play board games with her. You know like the "puppy" gift she tried to entice her away from us some time ago-that ended up staying like two weeks. Whatever.

Well, she was in our neighborhood playing with a bunch of kids, having a blast...her resounding answer to that enticement was a very loud "NO..I don't care, I'll see the gift when I get home and do board games later" Course mommy dearest was NOT happy about that. Oh's his time-for a wknd SHE wanted swapped for her lame idea of Halloween fesitivities.
She gave him crap about not giving her his phone n, that the schools need it...Well he's an adult and can give them his number. YOU don't need it. YOU annoy him...YOU can call a landline and leave a message.

Right now it's been peace and quiet for over a month-we don't want to break that right now-especially with Holidays coming up. Hell no. So it's gonna be a while longer before she gets that number.

Just had to get that out.


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Overit, you are one good mom.

I'm glad your SD has you in her life.

I know its nice to have some one on one time with your DH on a weekend, but it sounds like you and SD had some nice bonding moments together.

Your BM and mine should get together (I actually think, after reading this, that they are the same person).