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Sheldon vs. The Dryer

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Last night, I ran a load of Sheldon's school clothes. This morning when I woke up, I put them in the dryer. After I get myself ready this morning and lunches made, it's time to wake up the kids. They all know that they must be fully dressed before they leave their bedroom. Here comes one, and then another, and then another, and hmmmmm, Sheldon is still in his room and it's been 15 minutes now.

I know exactly what is going on, but I want the boy to think for himself, so I don't go in and rescue him. After about 20 minutes he finally comes out of his bedroom - in T-shirt and pair of shorts and stands there in front of me just looking at me. Again, I know what he wants, but he has to say it. He finally asks me where his pants are, and I tell him that they are in the dryer. Go ahead and check to see if they're done and then finish getting dressed. He goes downstairs.

All of the other kids are ready, they have their stuff together, they have packed their lunches. Ten minutes later, still no Sheldon. I send Spongebob downstairs to see what is going on. Sheldon is standing in front of the dryer just waiting. I tell Spongebob to tell Sheldon to come upstairs. He comes upstairs and I tell him to finish doing everything else. Brush your teeth, get your stuff together, eat some breakfast. His response - "But I have to put my pants on." Okay, I get that honey, but while you're waiting for them to dry, go ahead and do something else in the meantime. "But I have to put my pants on." Yes, there is a reason why I call him Sheldon. Go do something else, Sheldon! So, he stomps off and gets mad and is mumbling about needing his pants . . . Spongebob decides for himself to go downstairs and check on Sheldon's pants. The dryer is still turning, but the pants are dry. All it took was opening up the dryer and getting out the pants.

Finally, Sheldon has his pants on. Sheldon, honey, you have to leave now. "But I haven't had my breakfast." It's time for you to catch the bus. "But I haven't had my breakfast." Sheldon, here's a poptart - eat it on the way. (Side note: he will eat his poptart at the table with a napkin and a small glass of milk, sitting ramrod straight and proper. Anything else is unacceptable.)

I can't do anything but be amused and shake my head at that boy.


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Wow...why did this episode remind me of choochoo?? Maybe the pediatrician was right about choochoo, maybe there's a bit o' OCD going on.

Wow. Thanks for the giggle this morning:)

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He just stood there!! It cracks me up big time. Sometimes I wish I knew what was in his head. Bless him, but he's a combination of Forrest Gump, Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, and Dwight off of The Office. Very smart but utterly lacking in the common sense area.

Love me or hate me, I'm still gonna shine!!!

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Oh girl! LOL!
I feel bad for you having to deal with that this morning, but it did make me giggle.

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We had the same thing happen with SS10 week before last. He wanted to stay in bed and not get everything else done while his pants were drying. He is supposed to make his lunch and feed his pet. Of course, he ended up getting yelled at by FH because time was ticking by yet he wasn't doing any one the things he needed to. All because HE decided not to do as he was told, and lay in bed while waiting for his pants to dry. It amazes me how the concept of time and management of said time continues to be a foreign concept to him. Every morning, if we don't remind him of the things he needs to do (SAME EVERYDAY) he'll just sit there and zone out. The other day I decided to cut BD11 loose in the mornings. She knows what time the bus comes. I got tired of getting worked up and hearing the same old mean "O-KAY, I'm DRESSING, God mom!" crap. So, the other day, I sat on the couch, drank my coffee, watched the morning news. I resigned myself to having to drop her off late if need be. Guess what, out she comes flying, fully dressed, teeth brushed and out the door for the bus. It's time that these kids learn to take responsibility for themselves in the morning.

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"It's time that these kids learn to take responsibility for themselves in the morning." - AMEN!!!

SD5 is too young to be fully responsible for time management, but she is learning the importance of urgency (much to her dismay) because if she misses the bus due to lollygaggling, when she returns from school, she'll sit in timeout for as long as it takes me to driver her to school and get back home.

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I think the small difference in routine just throws them for a loop. BS is the same way. If I ask him to get dressed THEN eat breakfast instead of the other way around he stares at me like I just told him the most devestating news. Then he just looks lost, and I have to constantly redirect him. Ugh.

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This is truly hilarious. Before I had kids in my house I woulda never understood this. Truly hilarious.

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OMG.. I just LOVE the title to your blog this morning!!! SS14 is the same way. Drives me coo-coo crazy!!! He'll sit there for 25 friggin minutes looking for something (destroying the room) when it's on his bed hiding under the covers or something. I'm like really??!! And I thought I was bad at finding stuff! Meanwhile, he's huffin and puffin and stomping around the house. Cracks me up!!!

He's 14 and we still have to remind him to brush his teeth properly and take a shower. Thank GOD he's out of the "Oops I forgot to wipe stage". I just threw up in my mouth thinking about it!!

***I love you like a fat kid loves cake***