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Overwhelmed at times with the past

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Thank goodness I can say alot of things have settled down, however still have one SD and 3 years to go with crazy BM. 

BM has ordered supervised visits that she never did and now the SD is wanting us to go to court to almost force BM to do the supervised visits.    

Then this just brought back so much of what BM did to me, attacking me verbally all the time, the things the kids would say and call me,  and I have been one of the most stable people in their life for almost 8 years, it seems like that always means nothing, BM was always saying all kinds of untrue things and poof she is supposed to be able to do visits when she has done nothing in the last year. 

She is currently pending drug charges, and might get jail time, then it was the discussion of jail visits.   


I can not wait for 3 more years...........




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There is nothing the court could or would do to "force" the BM to see her kid, even in jail. Dad needs to explain this to her. 

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For the most part it is the saddest thing for a BM to tell a kid she can't do supervised visits that dad will have to do something in court, it is her way of continuing to manilupating (however you spell that) over the kid.  She could do alot   what is is she doesnt want to and can't man up to tell her kid that


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The court can't force her to visit, so don't even try. SD can reach out to her and ask, but that's all she can do.

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We are leaving it up to BM, with as in the past she will do nothing but say everything isnt her fault.