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Hey all!

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I haven’t been posting much although I’ve been trying to read everyone’s posts…miss a few days on this board and you miss A LOT! Kind of hard to keep up! Well I’m on vacation for a few weeks until I start my new job early next year…also, my husband is “down” and so I’m playing nurse to him so that keeps my hands tied. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to post once I start my new job b/c OBVIUSLY on my old job I had A LOT of time…but I’ll still check in with you all…what can I say, I’m Addicted too! If you don’t hear from me… Happy New Year wishing Health and Happiness to you and your family in 2007!


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I've been addicted for 12 weeks and 5 days. The first time I realized that I had an addiction was when my hubby started talking to me, and I replied back "DH, when does SS go back to BM's house?"...

...I guess I hit rock bottom when I was trying to hit the post button...

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Maybe it's because I'm on my second margarita... I dunno. But you know what actually happened once? I was spending WAY too much time online a few years ago and I was having a real life conversation with a friend... I actually said LOL. I said it. I wanted to die. I cut back on my internet time after that.

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That's pretty embarrassing.

Yeah, you know when you are on waaayyyy toooo much when you start to dream about it. LOL.

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Hey, Honey! Enjoy the vacation and good luck with the new job!!! Hope your husband's feeling better soon, too.



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I guessed I missed your last post letting us know that you got the job! I'm so proud of you! That is so awesome! I hope you have a wonderful New Year, and I wish your dh back to health.

And, I'm addicted too! I just got back from my ski trip, had no internet, and the first thing I did was check in this site! Fyi, we had a fun, and SAFE trip down the mountain. Snowboarding is the hardest sport I have ever tried!