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a bit OT - Anyone know their myers-briggs type? how does it affect you as a parent/SP?'s picture

i am very interested in Myers-Briggs and personality types and believe they play a large role in human interaction. i fall on the introvert spectrum (INFJ) and very much am realizing that i:

1. need time alone to decompress, this has nothing to do with whether i like the people i'm interacting with or not
2. value one on one time vs. group socializing
3. need quiet

i'm curious about others. do you know your type?


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The way that meyersbriggs was explained to me was that the introvert/extrovert descriptions were not so much intended to describe personality traits but where we get our motivation from. So someone who is internally motivated (introvert) is very good at setting themselves targets and goals and completing them whereas someone who is externally motivated (extrovert) may struggle with self-set goal completion but will thrive with goals and targets that come from outside themselves (work targets, doing things for other people etc).

So by that description I come out as an extrovert, but socially I probably lie more towards being an introvert (though I am probably more towards the middle).

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I would like to know what it's to be OUT of my head for five minutes. Just once.

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Me too! Smile

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it's really not bad, not for me anyway. i can always see some sort of positive in everything, and i think that helps me bounce back when i get stressed or down.