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It seems that lately I'm always annoyed at DH, SD, and SS. Here's this weekend's annoyance.

Why I'm annoyed at DH:
I'm pregnant and since becoming pregnant have been trying to keep myself healthy by not being around the kids when they are sick. I've explained to the kids that my immune system is lowered because of pregnancy and if I get sick I stay sick much longer than they do. DH was the one who first informed me of the reasons why I have a lowered immune system (he was a biology major). He even, at one point, bought lysol wipes to wipe off surfaces the last time the kids had colds. Well, the kids were both sick again. SD was trying to hug and kiss me while sick and DH was forcing me to hug SS before bedtime. I was not aware both kids were not feeling well. DH was aware, so I'm pissed that he didn't say anything. In fact, what he did instead was inform me that he had no knowledge that pregnancy lowered your immune system. WTF!! He was the one who told me this in the first place. He's so f-ing defensive about his kids and has to contradict me to defend himself, so his immediate response to me is that I don't know what I'm talking about!! He needs his head checked; he's deluding himself constantly!

So, I've been sick all weekend. Add to that the back pain I'm having due to the pregnancy. I'm very concerned about the 13 hour ride (each way) that I'll have to endure to visit DH's family during the holidays. To see if I could deal with that trip, DH and I were planning to go visit my family who are 3 hours away this weekend (plus we needed to drop off my dog to them to watch during the holidays). My parents, who are concerned about my health and the health of the baby, advised that maybe I shouldn't go on this trip and maybe I shouldn't visit them either. DH isn't concerned about my health. He keeps saying that the kids were just sick for two days and their symptoms went away, so it's a weak virus and I'll get over it in two days too.'s now day 4 of my illness and it doesn't seem to be improving all that quickly. His main motive was to get my dog to my parents' house before we leave for his family's next weekend. He doesn't care about my health at all. At this point, I'd rather just stay at home. He can take his kids to see his family.

Why I'm annoyed at SD:
SD and SS were at their mother's this weekend and just came back. SD just so happens to still be sick. was just a two day cold. She asks for cough drops from me and then spits two out of her mouth into the trash to have brownies. Seriously! She's wasting my damn cough drops.

Why I'm annoyed at SS:
SS walks into our house and sees the presents that DH has wrapped. The first thing out of his mouth is "Are you sure you got me enough presents?" He's a spoiled brat. This same child said last Christmas, "Grandma XX only gave me $50." I don't know what's worse - the fact that he is a brat or the fact that I had to scold him for saying that about BM's mother...ugghhh. This child gets more than $500 worth of Christmas presents every year and is grateful for nothing, complains about everything.


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13 hours in a car to see his family?

Suddenly I would not be feeling well and maybe staying home with the dog and resting would be best for everyone. Have fun, honey. Buh bye.

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Thanks for your comments. I'm actually feeling worse, so my reasons for not going may be entirely legitimate. I appreciate the support!