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Double Standards

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Does anyone have a BM, who when she isn't being a massive pain in the ass by witholding either custody or information, wants to be super helpful and sends you suggestions for places to arrange SS's daycare and suggestions for activities he can do while he's with you and your DH and food that he could eat that isn't "too" unhealthy?

And if you did, would it annoy the fuck out of you?

I mean, aren't we supposed to respect boundaries and avoid dictating, or even come across like we're dictating what should go on in the other home barring child abuse. Seriously? Why is it overstepping for me to say "SS will not be given food in my home that I won't give his sisters," but it's totally cool for me to get "Will you at least think about giving him these (fruit snack with the word natural on the box) while he's with you. You don't have to be a sugar nazi!"

My house. My rules.

The fact that she's suggesting it isn't really that big a deal, I realize. But it is annoying. Really annoying.