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Whole new level of low.....

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Idiot egg donor has been having discipline issues with ss4. Today she called my SO Bawling because he was pitching a fit refusing to go into school. Again, he said "what do you want me to do, he doesn't have that problem at our house". And he doesn't. 
This is the kicker.... idiot egg donor admits to my SO that she told him "he needs to start listening to her otherwise the court will not let him see her anymore". She said she didn't know what else to say to make him listen. First off.....who says things like that to a child, much less a 4 year old?!?! Pretty sure she's done enough psychological damage to this child as it is. I recommended getting him into some counseling to my SO. I don't know what else he can do to start documenting all of this. She already does not have legal custody just visitation. The 3 year old has a severe developmental delay, these kids are going to be set up for failure if they stay with her any longer than need be. Not my battle, just venting at the frustration of it all. 



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 "he needs to start listening to her otherwise the court will not let him see her anymore"

He's doing just that.  He doesn't like her panty waist "parenting" and is acting up to opt out.

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He's smart I'll give him that. He totally knows what he can get away with with her and he plays it quite well. She's an idiot. 

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Ugh. I truly wish people needed to pass some kind of test or get a license to procreate. That poor kid.