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GAL Report Still Pending

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Last Tuesday we heard from the GAL that she needed more time to complete the report because she was still waiting to talk to someone or someones on the list of people she needs to talk to. There's no way in hell she can recommend BM to be primary but who knows what a 3rd party sees in these situations.

The latest thing BM tried to pull... so we get this email that there's been a death in the family and not only does she want to go to the funeral but she wants to take SD3 with her. Ok back story: right before BF filed for divorce she attempted to flee the state with SD3, he found her out and held on to the daughter so she couldn't. She retaliated by filing a false DVPO against him. The charges were dismissed, and the commissioner agreed that BF's fears were reasonable, so entered in a restraining order to prevent either parent from leaving the state with SD3 until the temporary custody hearing had taken place. So knowing that she's potentially violating a restraining order, and the weekend she requested SD3 for is one of BF's court ordered weekends, she asks for this funeral bullshit. I told BF, yeah and if you grant it she'll keep coming up with excuses as to why she can't come back.

So BF was great, he didn't say "no you crazy bitch". He basically stated his concerns given the stress that SD3 is under now and asked what positive benefit it would be for SD3 to attend this. He then offered to watch her while BM attended, even offering to take a couple of days off work to do so. We never hear back but when BF called this "play therapist" BM has been taking SD3 to just to touch base on this issue, she indicated BM had been in the office and stated she was not going to the funeral. BF forwarded the email thread to the GAL and his lawyer and reported his conversation with the play therapist.

Ok a side note, we found fulltime preschool for her and BM has been fighting it, saying she doesn't need fulltime daytime care. BM has been COURT ORDERED to find fulltime work. BF wouldn't even need to offer to take time off work if bitch was reasonable. The good thing is somehow she was pressured to go look at the school and agreed it was a good program. In addition she tried to make up some story about a transition plan that would be too difficult for her to participate in. We followed up with the director and found the proposal to be reasonable. We also forwarded this emaail thread to the GAL.

So anyways I could go on.....

In the DVPO hearing, she claimed BF had a history of suicide and threatened to kill her and himself. He stated that was absolutely false and that she was the one with the suicidal history. She gave evasive answers to the commissioners questions regarding whether she had attempted to commit suicide or threatened to harm herself or SD3. She admitted she has a history of mental health problems and admitted to having a history of self mutilation (but she claims her counselors told her it was a "reasonable" way to deal with stress).

We also have numerous emails where she failed to cooperate with basic requests from BF claiming it was too difficult for her emotionally. One big issue after the DVPO hearing was the exchange location. She has the car, we take the bus, BF had to ride the bus 45 min each way and leave work at 3pm. Apparently her emotional problems were more important than her daughter being on a bus for an hour and half total. Of course she and her lawyer agreed to move the exchange location right before the financial temporary orders hearing because the lawyer said they'd order it anyways. This is the same lawyer that pushed for the location when BF did not agree and suggested he suck it up and "buy a car".

In addition to that, she's unemployed and has been court ordered to find work. She's living in a house she can't afford even if she was working that BF is currently paying the mortgage for while I'm paying rent for our apartment. She's made no effort to find an alternate place to live, even suggesting they sell the house several times. She believes that she will get primary custody and that they will magically grant her the right to move across the country with their child. The GAL indicated that she'd admitted wanting to relocate. She has attempted to be secretive about it and all parties BF has talked to seemed surprised when BF indicated he knew of the plans and then filled in the gaps with the attempted abduction and the out of state job applications she's been filing. I hope this recent stunt with the funeral (that was so important that she isn't going now that she can't take SD3) shows everyone that she cannot be trusted, she is not interested in cooperating, and she needs some serious consequences to keep her in line.