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Something snapped and I sent an e-mail to DH and BM. Basically a red-flag, please-look-at-what-your-kids-are-turning-into-from-an-outsider's-perspective (am I an outsider, as their SM?)...I am so sick of constant sacrifice and getting nothing in return but more nonsense. I thought maybe they could unify for the sake of their kids. But, true to her form, BM basically ignored it- made a comment in a passing e-mail to DH that I was pointing out where HE was going wrong- of course she'd never ever look at it as something SHE had done wrong. Aaaargh.

Denial = not just a river in Egypt....................................

Here's hoping that the next couple days are better than the last (baby not sleeping, money worries because of BM's latest whim, etc....etc....)


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I would gently cauton you against doing that in the future. It looks like it aligns YOUR DH with BM. That's never good. Sad

Hope your baby starts cooperating!

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Hahahaha. I emailed BM about her bullshit over the last 8 years and she sent it to 4-5 OTHER PEOPLE, starting a smear campaign - to the point where I was a step away from filing harassment charges!!! once you send an email out, it becomes harassment Smile Not a direct on-on-one thing.

Good for you. BM ignored mine too Smile Initially. Don't back down to bad people. It gives them power. Bullies are all the same.