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Skidville Wonderland, anyone?

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To the tune of Winter Wonderland, of course.

Skid bells ring, DH is listening

In the house, they are whispering

The plans are all right,

If we bring more tonight

Walking into skidville wonderland.


Gone away is my sanity

Replaced with pure profanity

We sing a skid song, as we go along

Walking into skidville wonderland


In the living room, we will open presents

And pretend that it’s with pure intent

They’ll say thank you Daddeee

He’ll say nothing

While stepmom quietly endures the whole event


Later on, they’ll conspire

As I dream about setting my hair on fire

To face another day

And the plans they they’ve made

Walking into skidville wonderland


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While stepmom quietly endures the whole event

Mine may end up being While stepmom tipsily endures the event... Dirol


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I have a GIANT bottle of bubbly for this year.