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I have a DH problem

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Not a huge problem, but he's dang irritating.

He has been acting like a lovesick puppy when it comes to his adult daughter. I have had issues with SD in the past, but other than being a know-it-all, she is generally respectful and inclusive toward me since I disengaged. Funny how that works.

But whenever she calls lately, it's like the second coming of Christ. Last evening DH and I were watching the Olympics, and she called to discuss a business plan with DH. I have no issue with that. DH is good at spinning out ideas. But does he leave the room? No. If I weren't interested in the particular event, I would have left the room but I'll be damned if I was going to miss something I had been looking forward to all day. DH KNEW I was interested so he was half watching too and would make comments to me -- hand over the phone receiver, mouthing comments, whatever so that SD wouldn't be bothered by his activity with ME, but it was ok to bother me with the discussion with HER because, to him, I was clearly interested in his side of the conversation.

After they hung up, he was in heaven and he even said to me "She asked my Opinion!" (She's always asking his opinion, or telling him what to do.) "She didn't ask her MOTHER about this." (DH never talks about BM so I don't know what that was about, and given that BM has never been able to hold a job I have no idea how she could be helpful with a business plan.) All I said to DH was that it wasn't a contest between parents, and I changed the conversation to the Olympic event.

Then this morning he comes running into the bedroom where I am dressing for work. SD sent him a video of a song he likes! Oh my god it's the best video in the world! Merry, look at this, isn't SD wonderful? (It's a damn music video.)

I encourage DH's relationship with his kids. It's this over the top love sick puppy of a husband that I can't stand. He's turning himself inside out to please her. He's always done some of this, but right now it's like he's a frenzied cheerleader for Team SD. And, here's tmi, he wonders why I'm not so interested to get in the sack with him.


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haha- sorry the sack thing- totally relate
presently, anything my SO says positive about his kids is relegated with a severe eye roll- yuck...SO doesnt see it.
So yes...your DH has a temporary infatuation problem...i think once he realizes the bedroom is not really an option and it is an all around turn- off- when he talks about his kids...will he get it.
if it continues i would say something without offending him...
when SS was living here we didnt do much...SO was surprised when i started saying no than he got it
good luck

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I simply ignore SO when he gets like this, and he gets the message....

With us, it's SO who runs after his daughter, he will text her and call her and tell her what to do daily, I'm the one telling him, time to cut the apron strings, she's a grown woman stop this shit... let her live her life, she's 18, you have no say anymore...