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Unexpected SD18

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SO invited me over to his place for the weekend, even though he's working nights. This is common in our relationship, but he neglected to mention that SD18 was staying with him due to antivaxx BM having COVID yet again.  He goes for a deep daytime sleep, and she parks herself next to me on the couch and proceeds to talk at me for the next three hours. She likes to talk A LOT, and she enjoys an audience. I got to hear all about how she asked her mom about how she fell in love with my SO, how she felt it was true love at the time, but now she still cares about him. She'd even give him her kidney if he needed it. SD18 said she heard that SO wants me to move in (I'm not) and said she'd need to be "consulted" about such a major life change.

Long story short, I went the fuck home before he woke up. 


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At least you know what you'd be encountering.

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I would have noped out of there after the first 45 minutes. Geez. 

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I would have noped out of there after the first 45 minutes. Geez. 

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I might have started telling her all the plans he had to spend her inheritance on you.. the cruises.. the travel.. that he was going to put the house in your name when you moved in.. hahaha

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The bonus of such a disclosure....daddio would absolutely be forced to deal with the clap back from princess. Genius!

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What a pathetic lil B .

They stop at nothing to make sure you and SO will not make it.

Frankly, why would you want to?

SD aint going nowhere and the lil B will ALWAYS be in your ear. Always trying to wedge you out. Sicko .

So the mini wife needs to be consulted on your plans with DH? Does that include when you are intimate too?  Wink Yea Id announce the 50 shades of grey in the full glory detail  LOL


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A couple of years ago, she walked in on us getting frisky. Then she CAME BACK to tell us we were being inappropriate.

Next day SO put a lock on the door. 

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I do hope you recorded her diatribe.

I'm afraid I am not known for my tact.  Iwould have given up pretty fast by getting up, staring her in the eye and saying "Good grief, girl, you are truly full of it." and leaving? Let her run to daddy - it's a she said, she said situation and I am brazen enough to say either that I didn't know what she was talking about or ... (drum roll) ... that I was only joking.

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When she went on about needing to be consulted.. I would have put her right on the spot.

Oh.. Honey Bless your Heart.. why on earth would you ever think a grown adult would need to consult their child on a decision like that..?


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You have way more of it than I.  I would have just got up and walked away to use the bathroom and not return haha.

What an unpleasant young adult, sheesh.

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I wouldn't have made it longer then 5 minutes. I would have responded with a simple.. yeah I don't care.

She's trying to cause a rift between you and SO. That's clear. 

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My goto word when I am flabbergasted and have no other words.

Saint Merrigan. I do not know how on earth you kept listening to that drivel, and I dont know how on earth you were nice about all the total BS. Consult a CHILD about whether their life partner is going to move in or not? On what PLANET do people think of this chit? Oh yes, Planet stepworld.

And all the details about the never ending specialness of Bms love for SO? I guess all children love hearing that chit, but to discuss that with you?

Again, EGADS, that sounds horrid.

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I just read your last blog also. This little B.... she's old enough to know what she is saying, and she is obviously trying to push you out. DH needs to put her in her place. "I'm going to want the front seat, so you can't come". Are you freaking kidding me??? And she would have input on if you move in?? Hell no. I think you are doing the right thing by not being in her presence, but me being unable to keep my mouth shut, I would tell my DH he needs to address it. Especially if he's going to bamboozle you and have you come over but not tell you she's there....

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SO likes to say that she has no filter and she's not trying to be mean, but he's in denial so who cares what he thinks. 

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Sounds like an excuse for a parent not to correct poor behavior....

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it walks like a duck

it quacks like a duck...

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So, Merrigan!

How did your SO respond to your having bailed while he was asleep? Did you discuss his daughter's impertinence? Filter or no, her comments were frankly rude and intended to wound. I'm in agreement with Winterglow regarding 'she said, she said'; try hissing something from between your teeth, wearing a ferocious expression, and deny, deny deny when she whines to 'Daddy'.

A remark like, “You are truly insufferable! I’m outta here!”, is not particularly egregious and can easily be translated as (for example), “If you’re determined to make me suffer, I’d better leave”. You then insist that the latter statement was factual and that yon little Bitch is misstating the facts to create discord.

Hon, it’s past time for you to fight back! You are older and wiser than any jumped-up, bratty teen. Diablo