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Texts to my girlfriends about my bf’s daughter.

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Just for fun and to let off some steam. And to show you how selfish sd16 is. I'm going over for the afternoon tomorrow. (To recap:  I don't live with my bf). 

"A gelato war is brewing.  I told SD I’d bring some gelato along with me next time I was over.  She's become obsessed about this gelato. (It is delicious). She’s now driving her dad mental because they don’t have the flavour she wants.  I got so many panicked gelato texts from him today.  He even asked me if I had some extra in my freezer. No, the store is right across the street and we can pick out some fresh pints tomorrow."

"And if she's going to lose her mind about the flavour of treat that I’m offering to bring over, then she doesn’t fucking deserve fucking gelato!!11!!!!!1!"


This girl bitched about the flavour of a surprise birthday cake her grandma gave her. She'd already had two cakes. 

I will not be buying any fucking gelato tomorrow, except for a nice custom ordered pint of red velvet for myself.  



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that I, as a grown woman, complained about the flavor of a surprise birthday cake once. I only have one type of cake for my birthday. Have had it for 40 years and it is not going to change anytime soon. Anyone who knows me well enough to buy me a cake should know this about me. And I was presented with a chocolate cake (I cannot stand chocolate cake). I was gracious, complained later to the hubby, but could tell there was disappointment in my choosing not to have cake at my own birthday celebration. 


The funny thing was the same thing happened to my husband a week later at his birthday celebration. Same person. This time with red velvet. My husband's one kind of cake he doesn't eat....

It was his mother. The offender was his mother. 

Gelato is yummy. As long as it isn't chocolate lmao. 

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I haven't had ice cream in years. I had red velvet  halo top at my son's house.  Yum. Maybe I'll go get some.