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OT- Quarantine 15

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Hopefully everyone here is still healthy and safe too. 


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Big hugs, hon.

I've managed to not gain weight, but my stress level is at a second-to-my-all-time-high.

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I put on some pounds too, though not 15 - it was in the first 3 months of our lockdown in the UK and everyone was stressed.  Be kind to yourself, in time your stress will lower and you will find it easier to lose weight and eat healthily again - like I have done. 

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Not being able to go to the gym has been seriously bothering me too. I've lost a lot of muscle mass and at 40, I'm wondering if and when I'll ever be able to build it all back.

This has not been easy on anyone, and we are all in it together, which is why I can't understand why some people are just being so awful and mean.

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Somehow I lost weight. Apparently I was going out to lunch too often and eating all the treats that show up at work! 

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I gained weight too. I've always struggled with my weight and was a little chunky going into quarantine.

For the past month I've focused on fresh fruits and veggies and cut out (most of) the junk food. I feel at lot better. And I've lost a whopping one pound.

I need to get more exercise.

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I've remained the exact same weight. But also started running to replace biking and I'm up to 4 miles 4 times a week. Interspersed with one bike day and yoga. I def snack much less and drink tons more water. Staying the same weight is baffling personally but we eat healthy, normal portions, moderate drink, cutting back would be very difficult!