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OT - Fork Covid

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Hope everyone is safe and healthy. I just found out there's an outbreak of one of the new variants at work and our whole office is shut down. We've all been sent home to self isolate, although most of us have been vaccinated.

Stay safe everyone. We had so many safety protocols in place but Covid still found it's way in. 


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I read a news article recently that said the vaccines are not effective against the new variants. *shok*

Hope you stay healthy. *give_rose*

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Yes and no on the variants from.

Prevention of the new variants is spotty at best. Israel is finding breakthrough cases with the variants, which sucks. However, the vaccine is still reducing hospitalizations and deaths even among the variants, which is one of the big things that the vaccines need to do.

This will end up being similar to the flu where you'll need (likely) annual boosters that protect against the current variant(s), but also reduce severe illness so hospitals aren't overrun. 

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We have not seen much of the virus in Australia but we are having serious issues getting a hold of vaccines.