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How to tell if someone is a total piece of poo

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BM is antivaxx and Qanon.  Her teenage kids are unvaccinated, both for COVID and for most childhood vaccines. SD15 wants to get the shot but is terrified that it'll kill her, and SD17 thinks it's a microchipped poison laced godless control jab from the government meant to take away our free will. (And she will scream this in your face if you dare say anything else).

But the kids want to go to the movies and eat in restaurants, and the good Lord forbid that BM can't get into the spa for Botox and haircuts, so she either made or paid someone for fake vaccine passports.  To their credit, the skids are afraid to use them because they recognize to do so is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE. BM, however, has shown that she doesn't care about anyone other than herself and is out and about, despite the tripling of cases in our area.

I recently found out that I received the test vaccine and NOT the placebo last spring when I was part of one of the clinical trials. I'm getting my booster on Monday. I have crummy self esteem, but this makes me feel proud of myself. And I feel for people who can't get it due to allergies or genuine fear. But to say it's because you don't want the government to control you, masks are propaganda, etc, and then go get yourself a fake passport so you can still tan and dine in for sushi?!?!?  YOU TOTAL PIECE OF HUMAN GARBAGE.

What did I even do the stupid trial for?  For your damn kids and everyone else, BM. Go rot somewhere. 


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I concur - BM is a turd.

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She's actively hurting and alienating her children further by doing this.  The kids at their school don't want to be around them. She tells them their dad's family is stupid. I just want to go rage scream into a pillow. 

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It will only embolden her to run around and see, it's just a cold...

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My sister won't vax and she had it. Her husband too and his was severe. Now they think they have permanent immunity. You can't tell these people anything. 

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Not that I agree with it (we are both vaxed and boosted) but at least your BM has a warped rationale for not getting vaccinated.  When I asked SD60 why she wasnt vaccinated, she said 1) the shots were released before testing (untrue), 2) lots of people got covid after being  vaccinated (untrue) and 3) it was hard to get access to them ( untrue).  Real reason:  not fun, takes effort.

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I'm really enjoying my tracking chip, and I'm flattered that Bill Gates himself thought I was interesting enough to receive one.  The 5G didn't kick in until I got the booster, and now I'm enjoying that as well.

It's only a matter of time before something worse comes around and wipes these people out.

Medical professionals are at the end of their tolerance for the nonsense and something is going to give.


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Thank you for being part of the vaccine trial - you should be proud of yourself! I think it takes guts to do that.

You didn't do it for the "anti-vaxxers" - you did it for people like me who has a mother who is very high risk and for others who value science and the concept of the "greater good."


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BM in your world is like my SIL.  DW's youngest sib. 

She is miss everyone is a sheep who got the jab, masks are government manipulation, whaaaaaaaa.  Then all 4 in her family came down with COVID.  Her DH is vaccinated and she is all harping over how he got the sickest of the 4 of them.

I have been destroying her FB anti vax bullshit when she slings it. I destroy her idiot friends as well.  

To the point that she no longer spouts her ignorant shit.

I appreciate your participation in the studies.   I have done several over the years for diabetes meds and new treatments.  You did it for me and people with Autoimmune diseases who  have compromised immune systems.

Thank you for that. I appreciate it very much. I appreciate  your courage.

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I am not being controlled by the govt and have criticised and called out the hypocrisy and misinformation both parties say or put out.

looks like your bio mum and skids are team "tin hat cuckoo brigade"

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<rant>At my niece's wedding in August, all of her family was unvaccinated because of most of the above reasons. The law at the time dictated that either you had a Covid pass or you had a negative test of less than 48 hours. My SIL, the mother of the bride, had covid and somehow got a fake test result or pass. The bride, the other daughter and her husband HAD to have known. She spent the day going round hugging and kissing people - no masks, of course. A HUGE number of the guests came down with Covid. She herself spent 3 weeks in hospital (mainly in the ICU) and has lost 60% of her lungs and is still on oxygen (from what I hear).

She called my husband this week to invite us to Xmas dinner. There will be at least 12 people (current guidelines are 6 max) crammed around the table in a room that she never airs for fear of an insect getting in (eye roll). The invitation was, of course, turned down (I am still so angry at her stupidity that I am not ready to be in the same building as her let alone round the same table). She clearly has learned nothing from what happened to her.  Stupid, selfish cow. </rant>

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I've got your SIL's horrible behaviour seared into my brain.  It's up there with my BIL's nonsense.  I can't remember if I told the story here before but here goes:

Last Christmas, he and his two daughters tested positive for Covid.  They then went ahead with a party at BIL house for a bunch of the daughter's friends.  Everyone at the party got infected and they took the virus back to the families for Christmas.  Luckily no one died but some of the parents and grandparents where very ill.  Younger daughter got dumped by her fiance over the whole thing.

The Karma bus came for BIL in a very small way when he had his vaccine.  He was violently ill from every major oriface for 3 days.  *give_rose*

Like your SIL, BIL has invited DH, me and MIL over for Christmas.  His daughters have both drunk the "my body, my choice" anti vax cool-aid.  None of us have accepted the invitation. 

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The stupidity runs deep in these people, doesn't it? About the "my body, my choice - she and her husband and daughters went on and on and on at her MIL to not get vaccinated because it would be too dangerous at "her age" (she was 87 if I remember rightly). Well, she had done her research and made up her mind to get vaccinated despite them. When they challenged her about it she yelled "it's my body and my choice" at them. Yay! You GO lady!


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My brother is an anti-vaxxer (all vaccines) and he tried to convince my 87 yo mother not to get the vaccine. Thankfully she listened to those of us who are sane.  

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OMG accidentalSM, your bil IS an ass.  WHO does that. Hell if someone in my family has as much as the sniffles it's all  stop. Even pre-covid.

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The storiess I could tell.    

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thank you for doing the clinical studies. I'm glad you actually had the vaccine! 

I am vaccinated. I live in an anti vax state and area. I am grateful my sewing group believes in the vaccines. As for the rest of my friends, not so much. And while they've never said it to my face, I've heard them talking: I've taken the Mark of the Beast (Biblical reference); I have a tracker in my body now; I'm sterilized (I'm 60 LOL); my DNA has been altered. 

With that said, who's actually the stupid, poo poo person? LOL

I've also left my church for their ridiculous stands....was clear with my pastor as to why. I actually got ugly stares when I wore a mask to church...which of course, I shot ugly stares right back at them. Can you imagine? Getting bullied in church over a mask? And the majority of those comments above came via church leadership. SMH

EDIT: I wanted to add...I have never once asked anyone if they've been vaccinated. Yet, UNvaccinated people always ask me about my status. That's always made me wonder. Why?? I don't worry about others in this manner. I continue to wear my mask and wash my hands.

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I believe they ask because they think that the vaccine is contagious.  Not that it will protect them from Covid but that the vaccinated with pass on the microchips, 5G, etc, etc.

Imagine the mental hoops you have to LEAP through to believe this stuff.

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It's unbelievable.  To them, COVID is not at all dangerous (800K dead in the US alone), and the Vaccine is TERRIBLY dangerous, but untested monoclonal antibodies are fine, and taking horse dewormer is safer than the vaccine.  Yep. 


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Thank you for being part of the trial.

BM wont get the vaccine BUT gets botox? I see she picks and chooses her poison.  If she does get covid, and I dont wish that even on my ex DH!, she will genuinely( or more like botoxly) look suprised LOL

 I never push my beliefs, but I choose to trust our Drs. To each his own. I had covid it wasnt fun. 

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Our BM is the same. She sucks. SD11 reported symtptoms to the nurse and was required to be picked up. So BM texts ME saying she needs to get picked up and can't get ahold of DH. 

I always stay disengaged from her, but hello COVID is serious. I asked if SD had a test, was she exposed, etc? BM DIDN'T RESPOND. B!tch is asking me to go pick up her child, but can't give the common courtesy to share ANY information about what is going on with COVID and her SD. I would classify her as "a total piece of poo" too. What is with these BMs having NO regard for other people's households???

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I am so angry about all the political non-sense surrounding this vaccine on both sides. Everyone lies, data is manipulated, definitions being changed, goal posts moved, medical doctors are being censored, power grabs, freedoms taken. Quite frankly, it's horrifying.

I've had covid - I've been vaccinated, yet I'm am now according to 2021's definition - an "anti-vaxer" because I don't believe anyone should be forced to take a "vaccine". A "vaccine" which doesn't even fit the 2019 definition of vaccine. It's a preventative measure, but you can't call it that because there is no case law to force preventative measures.

Natural immunity is real - but especially in the US is it not studied or talked about. The CDC isn't tracking reinfections? Why the hell not? Personally - I know many people who have had covid - they have not gotten reinfected. I'm in medical & we were forced to vaccinate by the city or lose our jobs (even though over 70% of us already were vaccinated). Yet, I know over two dozen people who still tested positive after being vaccinated. Including someone today who has had all three shots. 

They have put Draconian measures in place not seen since Nazi Germany. If all these measures worked, why are they still necessary? Fauci is ridiculous and changes his mind every 12 seconds. There are definite problems with information being censored. According to the numbers, we should have hit heard immunity long ago. I'm in Philly - we've been masking for 2 years now, 84.3% have been vaccinated - over 200,000 have tested positive.  Yet, our numbers are always "rising". We're getting ready to do the vaccine passport thing now - but ya know only after the holidays. You see picture after picture of politicians not masked - but we all need to. 

I can understand how people are getting paranoid. Hell, sometimes I wonder if the conspiracy theorists are right. Worse, I wonder what things will look like when its all over. 


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Right? I'm sure all those Jews were just upset that they had to wear masks and get vaccinated *eye roll*

Oh wait, no - 6 million of them were brutally murdered, that's right. 

Numbers are rising because yes, shocker, vaccinated people can get COVID! But it's very mild and not requiring medical care. And so many are still unvaccinated that they are filling up the hospitals and dying out of ignorance.


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Dr. Fauci doesn't change his mind. He changes his advice based on what new research results indicate. It's an ever changing landscape, and what we believe today might change tomorrow as new information is gathered and analyzed, and new discoveries are made.

For a description of his accomplishments and awards, here is one reliable source:

I do agree, though, that the response to this pandemic has been entirely too political.


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I had this exact conversation with my sister the other day. I love her dearly, she is my rock. BUT she is against getting the vaccine.  I had mine, and had covid. Which she loves to throw at me...see vaccines dont help.  I firmly believe if I wasnt partially vaccinated at the time my symptoms wouldve been far worse.

She commented on Fauci changing his mind, he doesnt know what he is doing. I also said this is an ever changing war with the invisible enemy. Its not not like our Dr's had years to do research and come up with the perfect antidote. This is new and ever changing.

Considering all the morphing of this disease the Drs are doing the best they can with what they know.

For or against, has become political. Very sad. We are in this together.

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I have chosen not to be vaxxed. My oldest got the shot because he is in college, entering the medical field. I asked my youngest if he wanted it, and he got it. He was brick and mortar all of last year and was tired of masking all day. I told youngest about the risks of both sides. 

Hubby got the vaxx. He's had major health issues ever since.


I observe social distancing. I wash my hands. I mask when necessary. Haven't had any illnesses other than a UTI since this started.

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Things I did not get once I  was vaccinated:

1. Better phone reception or 5G

2. Steralized 

3.  Magnatized skin

4.  Any medical health issues

5.  Covid

Things I did get once I was vaccinated:

1. Piece of mind



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There is so much misinformation out there, but this is true: The majority of people in the hospitals and dying now with COVID are unvaccinated. And those who are in the hospital that ARE vaccinated are elderly or immunocompromised.

The vaccine works.  If people choose not to get it and die from COVID, then that's their choice. It will eliminate a lot of the people who make terrible decisions based on lack of facts.  Sad to say that, but that's how I feel now. Sure, it's your choice to die from COVID if you want to, knock yourself out. 

Yet those who won't vaccinate because some talk-show host (who is vaccinated) tells them it's bad call the rest of us sheep. lol. 

Natural selection at work.  So yeah, your BM is a piece of poo.

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The anti-vaxxers can hoot and holler all they want, tough to do when you're on oxygen though.....CULL THE HERD of stupid people.

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Thanks everyone for all your stories. I hope no one's offended by the "antivaxx" term. Regardless of how I feel about COVID vaccination, it all comes down to Your Body, Your Choice. And in these times, most people understand the effects their choices have regarding COVID. It's just the hypocrisy of BM that I found so astounding. She could have chosen to wear masks, get takeout, stay out of crowds, sanitize, and regular tests to work around the vaccine restrictions. Instead, she snivelled about her "rights" and is actively breaking the law.  It's cowardly, and it's damaging the psyche of her daughters. To hell with her.

And thanks for the kudos about the trial I was in. I should just not even think about her when I look at my test vaccine card. Just my grandma, and my mom, my best friend, and all the people I care about. 

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We are all vaxxed up in our family. My DD13 just got her booster the day before yesterday. She fell ill yesterday, but has been doing okay, Sounds like your BM is crazy and super selfish and uneducated. Thank you for going through the trials. That takes guts to do! 

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I got COVID a 2mos after getting Pfizer #3 but my case was about on par with a very long duration moderate to severe cold.

I also got the Monoclonal Antibodies when I was COVID+.  While I certainly did not feel well, I was not gravely ill.  Within 72 hours of receiving the antibody infusion, I was feeling nearly normal though extremely exhausted.

My DW will do #4 as soon as they will give her access.  I fit both the age demographic and the autoimmune condition demographic.

My parents waffle on the boosters though they have had the first two vaccines.  Their 60th is approaching and friends and family are traveling in for that celebration. I have to admit I am concerned for them. Though healthy, dad will be 80 this summer and mom will be 78 this year.