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I love my stepson so, so much

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I lucked out in the step-child lottery. I love you, A***


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omg, never heard such a comment in this forum. How did you come across this site and why did you join? lol, but seriously, what gives??

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I came across this site when someone posted to a horrific post by "marriedaballlesswonder" or it might be "marriedtoaballlesswonder." The woman posted that she told her 15 yo step son that his mom should have swallowed his dad's load the night he was conceived.

I made an account to tell her how revolting that was and to ask if that was a troll account. The moderators deleted the post before I could respond to it.

Sorry, that first line got kind of jumbled. It should say "linked to a horrific post." A friend linked to the post via facebook.

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Skids are just people after all.

There are wonderful wonderful people out there. Also some miserable excuses for humanity.

Every adult out there was a child at some time. Some people (adults and children) are lovely - others - not.

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So, someone who LOVES their stepshit comes to a venting site where everyone bitches about theirs? Color me blonde, but I don't get it? :?

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It's not a bad thing though. Provides a bit of counterbalancing for all the doom and gloom. Everyone has to make their own journey through stepparenting and from the perspective of people in the early stages I think it's good to have SOME hope that good relationships can be formed. If you start out thinking it's going to fail it probably will, it might anyway, but at least if you tried to get the best out of your relationship with your stepchildren you know there's nothing more you could have done to make it work. You get a very distorted perspective on here if any positive posting gets jumped on. Plus there are people whose main issue is the BM, not their stepchildren.

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Agreed. I love my SD dearly even though I hate the way that she treats other people, particularly SO and myself. It's not her that I hate, rather, the way that she was raised to behave.

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LOL, nope, not sarcastic. I meant to type "A!***" like shows up in my signature line. In the late 80s/early 90s, we used "*" to represent a kiss.

I love my step son very, very much. He loves me, too. He is a vital part of my life that I would be devastated to lose.

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I have to beg to differ... because I won that lottery.

My stepson is amazing. And I am not being sarcastic.

Sure, he gets an attitude from time to time, he pouts a bit when he doesn't get his way... but show me a 9 year old boy that doesn't do those things!

I have been on this site for 6+ years (different user names) and never once have I complained about my SS. I come here to vent about BM. SHE is a piece of work, that one!!

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All kids give attitude and pout from time to time. So do adults.

Frankly, I've met very few 13-17 year olds that were fun to spend much time around. All those hormones and drama! Pimples, BO, obsession with how others see them. Gah! I didn't care for teenagers when I was one!

I'm glad that you have a great step kid, too Smile

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I am confused. Does your stepkid read this site? Why do we care if you love him???? :?

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Is it any different than posting you hate your stepkid? I mean does anyone really care about anything that posted on here?

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I think I'd be more freaked about someone saying that I should have swallowed my son, or they want to punch my son in the face, or referring to my son as a cum dropping or some other disgusting name I have read on this site. Nothing weird about that, huh? That's normal?