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May 1 is Step Mother's Day - Just learned this today

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I work for an advertising company and we celebrate and promote EVERY holiday. Like today is officially Mc Donald's Day!

Anyway, my co-worker hands me May's calendar and goes I added a holiday on there just for you "May 1 - Step-Mother's Day". I've never heard of this. She also send a msg to DH and told him about and said that I deserved a!

Even though skids drive me insane, I still love them and care for them and hell yeah I deserve a day!!! Go Step-Mommies, even if they dont appreciate other step mom's sure do!! Smile


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I love it! Let's start a campaign to mark May 1 as International StepParents Day Smile

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Nope...she just knows that I put up with a lot and do a lot for DH's kids. And she thinks I deserve a day and present for doing so!! At least if nothing else, I felt the love from her Smile

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Please send this to my DH Smile



"I will die on my feet before I live on my knees"

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Wow I didnt know this, thanks for the info, guess Hallmark didnt feel the need to advertise.