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Fair amount for school supplies?

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BM leaves DH a voice message asking if he is going to help with school supplies. I was just wondering what is a fair amount to add for school utilities and uniforms? He usually pays for extras by calling directly and paying over the phone with his card since we live out of state and dont trust her with extra money. Would you even consider helping after child support is given anyways? I think he should since its a pretty big once a year expense, just need help since Ive never had to make that kind of purchase. Thanks experienced moms for any help!


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If BM isn't a money grubbing biotech and is generally a nice person, I'd say 50. Otherwise nothing.

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I will caveat this by saying it probably also depends on the child support amount. If BM is getting upwards of a thousand dollars, no. But if she is like many and doesn't get much, I think it would be a nice gesture if BM was a nice person, to offer to share some of the cost.

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Well she is an evil witch who tried to fight me last time I helped carry the bags with all the things we had picked up for SS. But I still dont want the kid to go to school in a backpack with a broken zipper cause of her behavior. And lately she has been cashing in the checks we send her Paid to the order of her abusive husband, who she left a few months ago but apparently are now back together. I dont know if he pays for things and she gives him the CS$ or if she is just giving it away. She is very unreliable but I would hate to see the child go without because of her.

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NOTHING. Nothing. NADA. Zip. ZERO. Zilch. Already gets CS....manage your money aint' gettin' anything extra.

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NOTHING!! That is what CS is for. If I were your DH I would tell BM and the Skids that the money has already been given to BM. She gets a check every month.