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The "SS & SD Show"...

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So I had two friends unexpectedly stop by to bring us some Holiday Cookies they made. I love it!

However, SS & SD decided that my friends visit needed to be all about them. SD came out of her bedroom and started interrupting everyone, butting her nose in. Dancing around. Singing. SS comes out, interrupts everyone to ask his dad, "When are you going to come play with me?" My H looks at him and says, "SS say hi to our guests." SS, without even looking at them and in a flat-monotone voice simply said, "hi." Then whined out a, "Daaaad, when are you going to come play with meeee?"

My friends just stared at the skids. They are too diplomatic to say anything to me, but I know that their children don't act that way when company comes over, so I am sure it took them aback to be greeted by children like that.

I looked at my H and flat-out asked him, "Why are they hanging out here? This isn't a Kids Event."

Both kids stomped back to their rooms, grumbling.

SS came out of his room about 12 times during the half-hour visit. Came out to sit on my H's lap and hang all over him. Whispering in his ear. Standing in front of people while they were talking. Interrupting.

Sorry, I know that I could be perceived as being a bitch. However, there is no freaking way I want those kids showing their asses in front of MY friends. Oh hell no!

They acted like it was supposed to be the "SS & SD Show" and that all eyes and all attention was supposed to be on them.

MY life (my friends, my child, my work, my education, my hobbies, my activities, my business, my mail, my phone, my office) has nothing to do with those kids. They are not welcome into it at all.


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I am currently insisting on watching TV to intentionally hog the TV so that SS can't play the Wii. If he didn't act like such an asshole about it, maybe I wouldn't feel compelled to do it. *whine, whine* *stomp, stomp* "But Daaaaaaaaad, *SHE* ALWAYS gets to watch the TV!!!!"

Also, the skids take food into their room, even though they aren't supposed to. Well, we have a dog. Who got into the food they keep in their room. I walked into the house this afternoon to find trash scattered all over the living room and in their room. I swept the living room, divided the trash pile in half, and dumped a pile on each of the skids beds.

I am not sharing my cookies with the skids. I already put them away in a cupboard they can't reach. They've already seen the cookies and asked my H if they could have one. My H had to tell them, "Those are LRP75's cookies. You will have to ask her..." They have wisely chosen to not ask me.

I know, I know. I'm such a bitch.

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I had a 3 1/2 year old visiting here this afternoon who was better behaved.

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Ah SD9 & SS10 still do this on occasion. It's gotten far better over the last 4 years but gracious it's annoying!!!

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Lol! Normally, giving the skids a blank "you're not cute" look does the friends & siblings have the look down pat...spanking would be a bit much.

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My question is, what are BM and DH doing about this? Because they are the ones who only can do something about this. They need to do something about this in order to get their kids to shape up. Because if they don't, these kids, like many others, probably won't shape up on their own.