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I'm I right or too over protective?

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So, yesterday DH took SD16 to her boyfriends house and told her when he calls or texts her she better answer because whenever she is with him she doesn't answer. So, a few hours later he texts, no answer. Then he calls no answer. Then an hour or so after that he tries again. No response. He texts her, I told you to answer and you're not and I don't like this at all. All of sudden she calls, Hi daddddy :sick: sorry, Iwas sleeping. Not 2 seconds before she called my DH was saying, how he would never allow her to sleep at bf because she was too young, uh-ya, ya think! So now she says she's sleeping. I said to DH, she should NOT be sleeping in his bed. If she's tired, she should stay home and not go there. He thinks nothing of it, so I said, she's giving an impression of herself as slutty, what do you think bf's mom thinks of her? If I saw a girl sleeping in my son's bed, I would not be happy. Of course, he sees nothing wrong with it.

Later on, he says being funny, we have to go pick up the floozy, I said, what does that mean, he says it means kinda slutty, so I said, oh than ya, that word totally fits. LMAO, he was so pissed I said that, so, I said, well you know she is SLEEPING in the boyfriends bed, and then I dropped the subject.


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What is WRONG with these parents? Dont they care about their kids having sex. Sorry I am old fashioned and while obviously certain things can happen i.e. sex at a young age, which imo doesnt necessarily mean they are a slut/loose, I also think a parent would *try* and encourage self respect. To wait and find a person who wants commitment/love, not just instant gratification.

Urgh, dont they realise that STI's are on the increase? That the girl can get pregnant? Plus who wants their kids/skid getting knocked up at a young age? I appreciate its not the end of the world and that some young parents, are good parents, but thats rare.

My own nephew (16) was sleeping with his gf (14). Both sets of parents knew. They allowed them to do that, by permitting sleep overs, them going on family holidays (with the family)...therefore providing ample opportunity for them to be tempted and to bone one another! On NYE, my nephew was due to go home from his gf's house but refused to answer his mobile to his mother. What did she do? Nothing. Oh and to top it all off, my nephew isnt using condoms (DH found this out and went ape on nephew) because 14 yr old gf is on injection :sick:

Personally my kid would not be going over to bf's house at 16 unless I knew the parents were super sensible, knew she wasnt permitted to go into bf's bedroom at ALL. Nor would they be having sleep overs, holidays, parties. WHY put temptation in the way of teens who are ruled by hormones and not sense?

Irresponsible!! Well let DH know if your sd does get pregnant, she will NOT be bringing her child up in your household as you are done parenting.

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I agree with you 100%. The first time DH dropped her off he didn't even know if the mother was going to be home. That went on every weekend for a while until I told him, he has to find out where the mother is. I just don't understand.

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holy crap, i have an almost identical story! fdh let sd then 16 go to her bf's house all the time and stay for the weekend. she forgot something one time and asked me to drop it off. when i got there, they didn't answer the door or their phones. i threw her bag on the porch and left. i also texted her and told her i didn't appreciate her asking me to drive something over there for her and then ignoring me when i got there, and that it's bullshit that she can't peel herself away from her bf long enough to come to the door. same story, they were sleeping. yeah, right. in the time it took me to drive there, they fell asleep? ok. i know damn well why they both ignored me. of course she got all shitty and asked me wth my problem was, as if she had no idea. i told her not to ask me to bring her anything ever again. i do not appreciate being ignored when i do her a favor because she's too busy having sex to come get what she asked for!

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I don't know if you have read my past posts but I know SD is having some sorta simulated sex, not because she told me, but because I snooped in her room and found a very expletive note that she wrote to her friend. SD also goes on Skype with this bf in what I thought to be naked because I saw she left skype open and bf kept writing to her to put clothes on. She told me she goes on skpe in bra and panties. Ironically. bf goes to the school my DH works in. I asked SD what she would do if bf printed screenshots of her naked and posted them around his/DH school? She has no response. I have tried talking to her about sex and sexually transmitted diseases, SD has cold sores that NEVER go away, I explained that if she does anything sexual they will spread, apparently her bf has them too. That one's a no brainer to me but DH is so stupid, it doesn't occurs to him. SD apparently also has a gf and according to her notes that I found, she is hooking up a lot. Hooking up to me means sex. When I bring it up to my parents, they tell me that I know DH thinks SD can do know wrong and to not bring it up. That SD and I should have secrets like my mother and I had when I was growing up, that if I tell DH, I will ruin my marriage. It's so frustrating that DH doesn't open his eyes and see and know what is going on with his daughter. Last year, I told him I think SD should be on birth control, this was when she was wearing all those colored bracelets that mean different sexual acts and I over heard her on the phone telling boys she would do to them anything they wanted. DH said I was a trouble maker and I didn't like his daughter. That's what it always comes down to and in a sense I know my parents are right that my DH will not believe me as he never has and anytime I bring up anything about SD he threatens to divorce me. Honestly, I think birth control would be a good idea for her to be on, BUT she doesn't remember to take her pills, hence the constant cold sores. She is too irresponsible to remember. If she were to get pregnant and I don't know what will happen. It's funny, I know the health teacher of SD bf very well, I should talk to her and ask her what they teach 10th graders about sex and diseases. Everyday that DH allows her to skype and not realize what she's doing and every weekend that he drops her off at bf house (he has never come here) and leaves her there sometimes 9 hours in a day only means trouble is brewing to me and nothing to him. It's so frustrating!