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Happy New Year travels

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I am seething. We've had a Pretty good holiday celebration with my side of the family out of town. When it came time to go home and drop off ss in his home town on the way to ours ( my family is in another state and ss town is in between) dh texted bm to let her know we were leaving. She responded okay. Halfway through the nine hour drive she texted that she's sorry but she's Out of town and can't get back and the cd says he's supposed to keep him until Sunday anyway so she's gonna follow that. So here we are in the car with ss10, bs4, bd 4 months, and our dog....and we'll go all the way home and then Dh will have to make another ten hour trip on Sunday to take him home. Had she said something this morning instead of "ok" we could have stayed another couple nights. She didn't say where she was either, not that it's our business, but I'm sure she's husband hunting for number 3.
You can feel the malice oozing out of her even through her text messages.
I hope it rains, maybe she'll melt.


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Sounds like she had a plan to mess with you guys. What a sht of a person. And yes, the BM in my life would do this in a heartbeat.

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Is all the driving up to DH? Does the CO say anything about travel being split? I would be certain to follow that portion of the CO, as well, if it did...