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Employers of The Year (Part 2)

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Decided to return to co-dependent employer headquarters .... thank heavens it was just part of the day not the whole day.

It was mostly cool good thing a new manager so somewhat fresh re-start, but the ALWAYS busy - for the type of pay, rigid schedule, their stinginess with pto has reminded me to always be looking for next opportunity. My goal = major steps towards promotion/salary increase in T minus 30 days or less.

Glad I didn't have to see the co-workers face2face. I didn't interact with them much (mainly to save time) although I wanted to. 



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Great that the old manager is no longer someone you have to deal with directly.. I agree that looking for a different position would be a good idea.  Try to not jump too quickly at the first one.. try to find the role that truly speaks to you and provides you the environment you will thrive in.