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Dredding Monday more because of work or SD coming home?

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I sure have enjoyed the last few days while SD is at BMs! Pleasant conversations, playing, and daily routines with BSs. No hostility, arguing, stress, fighting, manipulative behavior... aaaahhhh, heaven. Not looking forward to going back to work OR SD coming back. And this week at BM's will do nothing for her attitude. Since BM is drunk in her room the whole time, SD has been playing violent video games, playing with the feral cats that hang around their trailer, with no structure, responsibilities, etc. It will take a month to get her back on track, and behaving like a human being again. It's like she turns as feral as those flea-ridden cats.


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I call this "beating the dad's out of you". After a few hours of jerk behavior, they adjust....but its tough dealing with the confrontive attitude. he stayed in his room working while the 3 kids had a free for all war of the worlds. Sad

They are older now and so much more pleasant. But those are my own kids. The skids just used to come over and be fascinated at the amount of food we had in the house and that we like actually spent time playing with them!