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5 days of so little sleep

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Been hoping the kid wants to head home prior to Friday but I doubt it.

To any comments on the last post I didn't reply to- I was honestly so shell shocked at the time I had to step back

Some quick background- me and my fiancee moved over 1000 miles away because BM needed a "lifestyle change". She got a remote position so could have worked anywhere. Fiancee debated legal options but instead we decide to move here to avoid legal fees. SD3 can sometimes handle a night here. SD5 cries when she has to go to BMs regardless of the situation at this point

About two weeks ago oldest SD5 has been pretty much delagated to us by BM. I dig down more with her as I'm sick of being grapevined issues by fiancee. Truthfully BM wants the eldest to spend time with us as she for some reason wants to live here and we are all hoping this is some form of just missing her dad vs. an actual full time situation.

Well she's been here since Friday night. It's Tuesday and I've hardly slept. If the kid isn't whining to sleep upstairs with us ( we live in a loft townhouse and she cosleeps at her mother's ) then she's sucking on her bottle or snoring so loud I can hardly sleep.

Not to mention I can't use my TV when I get off to watch anything or play games to unwind.

Here's hoping she cracks by Friday but regardless fiancee has agreed we get Sunday and labor day together kidless


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It's hard for kids of that young age to adapt to two homes and two sets of rules (Co sleeping etc) but they can adapt. You (meaning mostly their father) have to be loving, firm and consistent when the child fusses over it. Eventually she will accept that things are done differently at your home.

It can't be easy for you either, lack of privacy and not being able to use your own home in the way you want. I would not Co sleep with a child that that is not mine, in fact I don't think it's necessary for any child., but one that is not your own never a good idea. Does BM expect that you do this?

You have them from an early age so you have a chance to get them trained *smile*. Depends on your DH. 


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Why is your husband still giving a 5 year old a bottle????  

I don't have an issue with bio parents cosleeping with their children.  But that is  a huge no no when it comes to step parents.  It opens the door for crazy bios to make false abuse allegations.

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A bottle at 5…?  Her teeth are going to be ruined if that does not stop soon. 

Also…at 5, I can see why she would not want to sleep downstairs at night when yall are upstairs.  Maybe make her a pallet, on the floor, at the end of the bed for now.  Get a fan so you can’t hear her snore.  She is apparently going through some big changes and looks like more to come. 

You really need to get used to the idea of the skid living with you full time.  Probably both skids

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As a mom who cosleeps with my 10 month old son, I would never and have never coslept with my 6 year old SD. She’s been with us since 2 years old and I never allowed it to happen. My husband was allowed to go into her bed if needed but he didn’t. Don’t cosleep with stepkids. Just avoid it at all costs. 

As for the bottle... what the heck! Way too old. At least switch to a sippy cup to start the transition lol for the snoring, use white noise! I drown out my husband’s lion noises with it!