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OT - vacation/trip ideas

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So DH and I have a couple trips already planned for just me, him, DD4 and DD2. One of them is to go see my mom, and another one is to go to the beach with some friends with other children around our two's age.

I do like that we can go do some things without the skids, but at the same time I don't want to just not ever take them anywhere because I don't think that's fair. 

I'm looking for affordable trip ideas for all 7 of us (I don't really have reliable overnight child care for DD2 and DD4 so they'd need to come too). Here's more info to help, please give me your ideas!!

- SD16 and SD14 don't seem to like anywhere they'd need to be in a swimsuit because of periods and well they're weird about swimsuits, so no beaches or water parks

- We live central Texas, somewhat close to Austin

- SDs like rollercoasters, but SS17 does not and DDs wouldn't be able to go on them anyways

- Has to be during the summer break as they've already missed school this year for my sister's wedding

Thanks in advance!


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Maybe try a cruise...?  You are only 2-3 ish hours away from Galveston.   There is so much to do.  Some revolves around the pool but not all.  

Me, DH and my parents are actually going on a cruise this weekend.  We will be stopping at 3 places.  But you can go on a 4 day that only stops at one place and it is pretty affordable.  

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I second Galveston. Does Galveston Island still have sand castle building lessons?

Google "inexpensive family vacations near <insert area>".  Check Trip Advisor. I'm sure you can find activities for everyone, but you may have to split some time here and there: you and the littles do one thing while DH and the skids do another.

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SSs are elementary so we get away with simple adventures.  We do a lot of "camping."

SO and I are backpackers but that's not something we can do with skids.  Instead we do some state park tent camping, a night or two, and then we'll find something else nearby that puts us in a hotel for a night or two for a festival or seasonal event of some sort.

When we take skids its camping on a technicality.  We don't use hike in sites.  We bought a couple of cheaper Coleman tents, adults in one kids in the other.  We can entertain them enough for a one or two night trip to suffice.  

We've done some further from home trips like Mammoth Caves and river rafting (no rapids), cabin in Ontario, Outer Banks, stuff like that where it's a change of scenery more than anything else and the entertainment is going to be more or less be outdoors and their own imagination.

We did spring for an actual manufactured entertainment inclusive type vacation once (a week at Disney) and I think it's safe to say it was too much for everyone.  A day in a theme park or some organized experience is a nice add-on but doesn't work for us as the core. 

Since you're dealing with teens that will be difficult to entertain and toddlers that will be difficult to include I think your best bet is to aim for a change in scenery type set up where there are different nearby options, don't require some crazy commitment and won't inadvertently exclude anyone based on age/size.

Port Aransas (mustang island) would be good if something that feels beachy would be appreciated but without the beach being the focus but more like kayaking, hiking, nature reserves, etc.

Bandera if something a little cheesy old west would be appreciated. Not too far from San Antonio if multiple locations are an option so you could always spend some time in both.  

New Braunfels maybe.  Teens wouldn't want to deal with the waterpark but there are the caves, river tubing (unless that's too close to beachy) and heavy German influence.

Johnson City has an exotic zoo (I don't know anything about it) maybe there's more activities around that area.

We generally try to pick one thing to center our trip on and work out from there.  If there's something everyone (or most) would like to see or do, start there and then find little things in surrounding areas to see or visit.  

Think long weekend/short get away type trips and you might be able to check at least one box for everyone involved.  Good luck!  : ) 

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Skids and kids are different ages. Try finding places that have stuff for everyone. There's a Six Flags near me with rides for little kids. Meramec Caverns..... too far I know.

Tripadvisor can help. Google an area that sounds good to you. I'm thinking no more than 3-5 days to see how it goes.

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Please tell me how you manage to vacation with our Skids!!! Lol o really would love to try