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At what point

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Can i acknowledge that iam still *just had a baby* chubby and still get away with it? My aunt visited my mom today "she is one of those nutrition cultist" and she said iam just making excuses for being overweight and that I need help with a nutritional specialist.  Now ok I can admit iam not a size two anymore...but I've had three babies in less than a two year span...*it won't be two year until june* but anyway I'm just depressed about the situation I'm in and then she *even though she probably didn't mean it offensively * I'm hurt now because I feel that is just one more issue to add to the long list of problems to fix.. my question is am I overeating *I want to tell her to p! $$ off as it is not her business* 


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Not her business, no. You had twins then a single, right? It sounds like your aunt was being more judgmental than trying to promote her "services". 

Just try to eat healthfully, drink plenty of water, and do as much as you can to stay active with those crazy kiddos! If possible, take some time to yourself in the AM or during naptime to do some YouTube yoga or aerobic workouts. I love Blogilates and Fitness Blender. Also so many yoga instructors that are awesome. You'll feel relaxed and become more flexible. They are amazing and free!

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Oh I'd so love to do yoga I heard it' great stress relief, chasing the kids is pretty much the only physical activities I really do as of lately, she makes it seem like all we eat is garbage foods ( anything that isn' vegan, glueten free,certified fair trade organic) is garbage to her...apparently iam "poisoning" my children by steaming their veggies? (They won't eat any veggies raw unless it's celery) cuz apparently steaming them takes all the nutrients out? Wtf

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That's not true for all veggies.. I just read that spinach, carrots, mushrooms, and a few other veggies (broccoli maybe?) are actually healthier when cooked.. I just hate people who feel the need to openly comment on other's outward appearances.

Keep up the yoga! I feel a million times better because of it!

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Is a term being thrown around a lot.  Different people have different metabolisms.  ive been on a program since January because:

1.  I was feeling awful/ had GERD

2.  82 yr old mom had emergency triple bypass

3.  was not pleased with my appearance.

I've found that I don't metabolize sugar well.   My program was pretty pricey, but you're paying for a coach who you're accountable to.   The diet is similar to paleo/keto but after the first 40 (in my case 55 days) the diet becomes less strict so you maintain for 30.  Then you can stay slowly losing again on modified keto/paleo.   Also you are to drink half your body weight in ounces/kilograms in water as a goal.  You also need to have a vegetable oil with each meal and some ACV in water for electrolytes.  You also take mineral supplements.

P.S. Chef, who is now 50 and could stand to lose a few pounds,  did NOT do the diet with me-- and that is probably good as he would brag about how much weight he lost compared to me!  He ate his pasta laden meals right next to my broiled fish and veggies.  He did agree to cook my "special" meals, though.  Don't see why he wouldn't as he always cooked his ferals their special meals!  

I've lost almost 30 lbs so far on a 57 yr old post menopause slow-ass metabolism.   

But no, someone preaching their dietitic dogma hoping to gain a client is definitely a no no!

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Age as you and need to get in shape and eat healthier.  Also have slow thyroid and fibromyalgia.  My DH and I both need to lose weight and be healthy.  

If you can share the name that would be great.  Thanks.  

OP. Your aunt can mind her own business.  My deceased SM used to make a comment that I had gained weight every I saw her...which was not often as I lived out of state.  Well she met me for the first time when I weighed about 90lbs in high school.  After having three babies in my early to mid twenties yeah I gained some weight.   Still at age 57 I am under 150lbs ...not bad I think.  It is nice to see my dad now without having to hear her say it looked like I had gained weight.  But darned if her grown ass son didn’t just step right in with her line when I saw him while visiting my dad.  I need to come up with a come back line for these situations!  



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3 babes in 2 years....are you breastfeeding? If so, you aren't supposed to cut calories for weight loss (under normal circumstances) because it will affect your milk production.

Wanted to post that just in case you are...

Also, she can piss off. You are beautiful momma. 

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To breastfeed while twins were in nicu they were born literally at the point of 3 months too early, I just couldn't produce enough to actually feed them. I got so depressed and felt like such a failure lol I tried all the supplements  (even the most potent one recommended by lactation consultant) I tried lactation cookies (which tasted almost like the worst oatmeal cookies anyone has ever made) and  drank lactation teas almost as often as I'd drink water and still nothing boosted supply..I gave up when they came home cuz it was just easier and less stressful to just buy the formula exclusively. With the little one I didn' even attempt (only one breast would produce ) but anyway my aunt got on my case about that too, like I was already failing my kids and starting them off on the track of childhood obesity *smh the lady finally backed off when lactation consultant kicked her our of the nicu* lol I didn' have enough guts to talk to my aunt that way

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Bleh. Sounds like you need to spend less time with nosey aunt! Fed is best. BF doesn't always work. 

You should have played your aunts game and tell her its her fault for stressing you out so much. Stress affects production and let down. B!tch, lol.

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Lol even as an adult I'm pretty sure my mom would never have let me get away with talking to an aunt that way..  some things stay with iam almost thirty and I'm still scared of "the look"

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Losing baby weight takes time. Three babies in two years and aunt thinks you should have lost the weight already. She is delusional. Don't invite her to your house. If she shows up unannounced, your babysitter bailed and you need to something so could she stay with the kids. She'll either bail or you can leave her with the kids and have a few hours to yourself. If you're at your mom's, tell her you don't want to discuss it and pick up and leave if she continues. Your weight is between you and your doctor. Your children's diet is for you and the pediatrician to discuss.  She may be your aunt, but that does not give her the right to comment as she has.

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I was 34, months away from 35 when I had my first (only) child. He is now 2 and I'm still 30 pounds overweight. I eat well and I'm constantly moving, cleaning, chasing him. My metabolism just refuses to bounce back. I wouldn't have been rude to Aunt, but I sure as hell would have told her how rude she was being. Has SHE ever gone through childbirth and breastfeeding? Not that it matters much as every experience is different. But I can't imagine she has much success with her clients who are new mothers. 

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She has had seven kids in her life time, all breastfed (super easy pregnancies and no complications no high risks none early ect.) She says it was all about diet and exercise during pregnancy and not being lazy. (With the twins I had such bad back and hip pain I was lucky if I could take a half mile walk every three days) she is one of those "quiver full" type Christians as well. Her nutrition consultant job really does not have much to offer new moms or even mom's in general. And alot of the stuff she says in that regard seems like just fad dieting talk. (She only had a couple weeks training so she can't gained that much knowledge) like one of those spam ads like *the truth doctors won' tell you* type stuff 

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There is a difference between using things as excuses and using them as reasons.

My excuse for my excess weight is that I am big boned and come from a long line of linebacker-built women. The reason for my excess weight is that my diet is crap and I don't have the will or want to make the big changes I need to make.

Your aunt is an arse. However, if you are actually thinking about your weight because it has been on your mind, decide whether "baby weight" is a reason or excuse.

In some ways, it may be both. I DO come from a long line of linebacker-built women with big hips, wide shoulders, and thunder thighs. Even if I ate and exercised perfectly, I would never be a svelte size 2 VS supermodel. BUT that doesn't mean I can't (and shouldn't) lose some weight and get healthier. My version of healthy and fit, though, is going to look more mid-90s WWE Diva than Kate Hudson on a beach in her cute exercise clothes. That is perfectly okay, but my guess is your aunt would STILL look at me like a sloth for being that jacked.

So, tl;dr, your aunt can suck an egg, there is no time limit where "baby fat" has to disappear, but at some point it may switch from "reason" to "excuse" and only you know when that happens.