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Jeepers Creepers! I didn't say that!

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Welp everyone is up in arms about something I said that was taken the wrong way...i understand halloween is big deal for kids and adults alike..i said I didn't want to do all day trick or treat and  scary movie night with skid and my kids cuz the type of things gumb allows him to watch are too violent and scary for my kids..were talking rated r scary Michael Meyers new it movies type what skid and dh and apparently his whole family(for some reason)  are telling me i said now halloween at all meaning no trick or treat no movies I can't win! I didn't even think it was wise to have akid over for Halloween anyway considering hes supposed to be in his special school the next day but mom said either way shes keeping him home smh the child NEEDS education he doesn't NEED candy


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Taking something you said, probably meant to be caring about the kids and their feelings/experience, and blew it completely out of proportion.

I'm sorry this is happening to you. It happens to me, too, and I know how frustrating it can be. Then there's damage control that ends up falling in your lap and not theirs.

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Oh Lordt... I hate when people do that!

Well, at least you don't have to deal with it. I will say one thing that went up for vote in our county last year was to change Trick or Treating to be on Saturday nights, no matter when Halloween fell. I thought it was GENIUS (it failed...)! Seriously the kids that are allowed to do it are all Elementary school anyway, rushing home from work, trying to get something in them with protein and rushing out the door to run around the neighborhood on a weeknight is just too much. Then trying to get them showered and in bed at a reasonable time all hopped up on sugar... Lord help us all!