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All Of You Are Fantastic

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I am so overwhelmed from all your well wishes, sympathy and encouragement from my last blog. I have made some wonderful friends here that will always be held very dear to my heart. Each and everyone of you is beautiful.

Well to update you all.
BF called me again last night and wanted to talk. I told him you know where I am if you want to work things out. I’m sick of always running after him. I’m staying put, he knows my address so if he really loves me and wants things to work out then he can drop his son at MIL (since I live literally 5 min away from her) and come and see me.
I had to admit I was surprised when there was a knock at my door within the hour, he hasn’t done that before, it was always me going to him. We spoke, I told him I didn’t want him to stay the night and I’m still thinking things through. Basically he told me he loves me and really wants to try 1 last time. We spoke for a while and I told him my concerns and why I wasn’t happy. I spoke about the balls he needs to grow towards BM and the discipline that he needs to give all 3 of his sons.
I think I shook him up abit cause I’ve never really been like this before, I’ve always stayed and given in. Well not this time ladies, you have all told me that I deserve better and I believe that is true, I do deserve better and I told him that. He tells me that he is going to prove to me this week how much I mean to him and how he is going to treat me better so lets see what the week ahead brings.

Since I wasn’t with BF and skids on Sunday evening, BF had to borrow MIL car to drop the skids off at BM cause BF only has a 2 seater ute and his 4 runner has been getting repaired for the last 6 months (yes, 6 mths but that’s another story). Well the first thing BM asked SS13 was “How come dad didn’t drop you off in Dani’s car?” BM was just hoping that SS13 was going to say Dani and Dad had a fight or we’ve broken up but all SS13 said was “Dani wasn’t home, I heard dad talking to her about singing so I think she’s doing that”. BM really needs to mind her own business and worry about her own life instead of butting into mine.

Thanks again guys.


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"To Thine Own Self Be True" William Shakesphere

If he loves you enough, you've left room for him to change. He needs an attitude adjustment, and maybe seeing your strength, your determination to be treated as an equal, will wake him up.

But a bit of time apart, some solitude, and you might even decide you no longer want him, with all the baggage, for the rest of your life. These things do happen.

You're young-go out, have some fun. If my son didn't already have a gf (long term), I'd be sending you a plane ticket!! The girls love him (yes, I know, I'm his mom so automatically think he's cute, but girls have actually asked me for his phone no.) Wink Oh well, it's too soon for you anyway. Get a good book, a great wine, go have a spa day!

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but I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this! I went back and read your other blog and I think you did the right thing! I am so glad that the support you got from this site helped you to believe that you deserve better! I think this is probably EXACTLY what Dawn had in mind when they started this site! We are all here for you! Dawn would also likely tell you that you are welcomed here even though you are not a SM anymore. You have knowledge and experience that can help others, and I sure hope you continue to update us! HUGS to you girl and I agree that you need to "stick to your guns"!!!

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I did the same thing with my DH and told him how I felt about his demon child. However, I think you're very strong because I wouldn't be able to pack my things and leave for a while. So good for you, sweetie! Hopefully this finally woke BF up and he will make some changes.

Good luck, and I wish the best!