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Mothers day

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First of all let me say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of you step moms. I think there should be a step mother day! In my experence my job as a SM is so much harder than my job as a BM. I have twin 9yr old girls and their bio dad hasnt been involved or even seen them in yrs! Its almost a blessing cuz i have no idea how me and my DH would be able to deal w/ a psyco BM & BD at the same time. Then i have a sd 9 & ss 12 we have full custody of them but any chance bm has a to start drama she does. She is taking us back to court AGAIN to try & get more time w/ the kids. I dont get it she has NO CAR NO HOUSE STILL DRINKS EVERY NIGHT! I just found out that untill we got full custody the kids had been sleeping on the floor or couches of different peoples houses for the last 4 yrs. I cant see how a mother can think thats ok for a child! She is a wine gulping falling on the floor drunk who acts like she knows EVERYTHING peice of s*#% mom. i would jump through flaming hoops to give my kids the best childhood I can. The least she could do is sober up and cut all the bullshit lies she tries to make people believe. The other night my sd9 had her all star softball game her BM came but my sd ran to me 3 diff times durring the game to say" Did u see that hit i got, i love u" ext It was priceless to see the look on bm face as she realized I am 10x the mom she has ever been! i luved that moment "priceless" But Yet tomorrow they go with BM for mothers day i will miss them & they will miss me to Smile so bitter sweet!