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Party of 7 one day??

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I have been married twice and have 2 children (son is 18 and daughter is 13). Both are from my first marriage that ended in divorce (thank goodness I get along fairly well w/their dad!). My 2nd husband passed away a few years after we married. I didnt date for 2yrs. Then, 2 yrs ago, I started dating a great guy who is 12yrs older than me. He has 5 adult children (and 5 grands). The guy I am dating has been married twice. His children are from his first marriage. Whew, so many dynamics in this relationship!! 

My bf gets along w/my kids dad. I have never met my bf’s ex wives, but the mom of his kids appears to be pleasant. Ex-wife #2 (no kids together) seems to find reasons to keep communicating with him and that is strange. 

My kids like my bf. And I dont really know how to describe my relationship w/his grown kids....




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#1-love her!! She is married w/2 young children. They are all great!

#2-he and his wife cut off ties with us as soon as we started dating. They have 3 young children who are very sweet.

#3-he seems very nice, but havent been around him and his gf much

#4-she and I started off great, but its a little bit strained now that she is back in town, living next door to him.

#5-he is very nice, the little bit I have been around him. 

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It seems like there isn't too much crazy going on right now except for SS#2. Why did they cut ties with you? 

Other than that, it sounds like things are blending fairly well. Don't put too much thought into the ex wife who still keeps in contact. Sometimes they decided that they messed up after the man has moved on and regret ending the relationship. 

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It’s hard to say why they cut ties with us b/c their excuses kept changing! None of his children liked wife # 2, so 4 of the 5 were very happy about us. The son who distanced himself/wife/kids told him he shoumd have stayed with #2 so they wouldnt have to explain anything to their young children. They told him he should have “taken one for the team”. My bf made it clear to them that I wasnt going anywhere and not to expect him to NOT include me when they are around. So in 2yrs, I’ve seen them twice....about a week after Christmas so they can get their gifts. His son has been super nice to him the last few months...when they need a sitter or when he wants to hunt on some land my bf is leasing. Of course my bf takes this as things being back to normal and is so happy to be communicating that he hasnt noticed that the son is using him. But hopefully that will continue to get better