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Little miss can’t take accountability

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And I am SICK of it!! I have decided to yet again disengage from toxic brat SD 14. I was trying with her ,

like actually trying to include her and give DH advice to communicate with her more . But I am done with her , it's obvious she just wants to blame anyone else ( well really DH) and never accept any of the blame . I am over her and her "poor me my dad has other kids" act! I am tired of falling for it but I am glad that my in laws are finally starting to see what I have seen all along, SD is just like BM and will use anyone and anything to her advantage. She doesn't give 2 craps about anyone or anything if it's not about her. SD14 has not been over for months due to HER not wanting to or some other excuses yet she cries to BM how she "misses her dad " yet SD has made NO effort to call her dad, text him back or even talk to him about this!!!! And when he tried to talk to her about it she avoided him for weeks until DH had to break down and tell BM to have SD call him, then they finally talked ! Again this was "DH fault" according to BM and SD for DH not completely living up their bums, SD just wanted the chase. Then I guess what set me over today was SD yet again blaming DH for not teaching her Spanish and somehow it's his fault she doesn't know Spanish . Well SD 14 last time I check you live with BM who speaks Spanish also , why aren't you asking her instead

of blaming someone you don't even want to see! I saw DH shaking his head while looking at his phone so I asked what was wrong. He said he sent SD a reel on instagram where a women was talking about kids and why they are embarrassed to be bilingual. And SD had sent him screen shots of comments where people said it was the parents fault and she added that he never taught her. sD went through a phase for like a weekend where she wanted to learn Spanish, she made no effort to actually learn it. And that fizzled out , SD was to embarrassed even dance to Spanish music on Christmas. So did not once ask SIL or MiL to help her speak Spanish at all. Just another thing to blame DH for. On Christmas Eve she was at MIL house for maybe 3 hours with us and was already texting BM that she wanted to go , yet DH gets blamed for not being there enough for SD and he is the reason she is sad and for leaving SD out a lot of the time. I am SICK of it . This little girl needs to be called out for it. Man I am so tlad

i didn't get her anything for Christmas! I am done with her manipulation. We are talking family photos next month and she decides to not be in them and tried to gain sympathy for being "left out" I am gonna speak my mind! 


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This diatribe of Sd14 - it will never end. SD24 Feral Forger, her thing to nasty text is 'your not my dad, you havent been my dad since clove came into our lives, your just the sperm donor good for money and a hug a few times a year". And shes made no attempts at a relationship with him, and when he suggests dinner or lunch for fathers day or birthdays (his or hers) shes always too busy.

However he has moved her from several hours away round trip, with no thank yous...

So, yes, they will "play hard to get" because they want the chase and if no chase they must not love them enough. Its sickening to watch. And of course you will eventually get blamed for all the problems and issues (so be careful what you do to "help" it will be used against you)

Blame Games. They all play them it seems.

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I wish my SD was that blunt then maybe DH would see it but instead she tells other people these things and guilts DH and for right now he falls for it now and then. 

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Yes BM keeps enabling SD but DH lets her . Like for Christmas yet again SD was texting BM and making plans to leave when she was with us and MiL for x mas eve . But also BM entertained SD14 and offered to get her when maybe BM should have just said "ask your dad, you are spending time with him" I told DH that SD needs to stop letting BM be her mouth piece and until that ends the games won't end

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This victim shite continues because they are getting something out of it. Someone, somewhere, is rewarding her for it. It does them no favors in life. If she needs an outlet for it, she should have a therapist. I will also say it is popular on social media. My youngest tries it too, usually after spending time on TikTok. If they come out with something ridiculous i will call them out on it. "Come on, you are really complaining about THAT?!" 

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Also, as far as the bilingual/cultural aspect, that CAN be a thing. My SO's family is from another country and there are a-holes that will make fun of each other for being both too much like that culture or not enough like it. My attempts to learn the language have been met with ridicule but then i'll also be looked down on or excluded for not knowing it. With a-holes, you can't win. Just like in any other situation. A therapist might help her work through it. But whining to her family and blaming them is not the proper way to handle it and her parents should get her a therapist if this REALLY is a problem for her. Catering makes it worse. 

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The sad part is she was in therapy and it did her no good. She continues her games . It's the blame DH gets all the time for everything that gets me. She lives with BM who speaks Spanish fluently .... I just had enough 

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I'd call BM right out on the night driving.... each and every time there is a contradiction I'd pounce on that shit like you wouldn't believe...

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Oh I plan on it! She picked up SD Christmas Eve around 11pm from SIL house which is like 35 mins from where she was staying . So anytime I hear her telling DH he needs to leave before it gets dark to meet her I will choose this hill to die on! We shall see how Friday pans out because DH is not leaving early to get SD , he will leave his normal time of 6:30 

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These kids form of entertainment.  Watching there BF. Beg and grovel to them.  It's not your kid, you will never have a  relationship with SD. SD will never do anything good for you .  Disengage, let her play games on someone else . DH has to deal with his bad parenting, he can blame himself. 

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I am just done with her , I wish I just didn't even have to be around her sometimes . I do not welcome nor want toxic people in my life and SD 14 is turning  into one of those people. I tried to explain this to DH but he just does not get it 

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He wants his dad to beg and grovel for his attention and withholds his own from dh as long as possible. FOR NO REASON. His dad has been any other teen's dream parent but because he isn't allowed to 100% control his life AND everyone else's, dad is trash.