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SD's Car: and the Winner is....

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I asked everyone what they thought would happen concerning SD60 and DH84's planned visit to DMV to register and transfer plates on the replacement car.  Her original car was totaled in an accident and she had let the insurance lapse.  The choices were 1) SD and DH would successfully register the car and transfer plates; 2) SD would be too unwell to go and postpone as long as possible; 3)  SD and DH would go but SD would be late and not have all the documents.

And the winning bet today is #2!   SD, doting grandmother, played strenuously with her GS and her back has flared up. DH thinks it's wonderful that she's so loving with GS.  Now, im taking bets for tomorrow:

4) SD and DH will successfully register the car and transfer the plates

5)  SD and DH will go but lack all the documents.

It's all so predictable and aggravating.




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Lol option 5...I think you pretty much know exactly how this will go, but it's good you aren't entertaining it with DH.

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5. She got her sympathy fix for the back injury, next is the attention for having to deal with all those stressful papers! 

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Yes, the sympathy fix is the big win today.  I know she would normally still be in recovery tomorrow and wanting to postpone further but I reminded DH we have plans for Wednesday and Thursday, my birthday over-celebration (2 nights at the casino).  Then Friday, we will be in "recovery".  In short, it's tomorrow or late fees will begin.

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She's so read-able. Lol. 

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Thats the only positive thing about this toxic situation, she's so transparent.

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Though like others I think she will re-cycle Option 2 for awhile!

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I reminded DH Wednesday and Thursday we will be at the casino overnights celebrating my bday.  Friday, we will be in "recovery".  So tomorrow is " it". I know SD would have no trouble procrastinating longer since DH will be paying any late fees.  However, he HATES late fees so I think he will force her to go tomorrow, even if she has to crawl off her sickbed.  Lol.