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Insensitive, Stingy and, Distrustful

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My SD59 was over today.  She had called last week with one of her huge exaggerations where she spun daughter's digestive problem into cancer.   During that call, I kept my cool and didnt buy into the hysterics.  At one point, she said, " I guess you must not be real sensitive like me"  So, I'm insensitive.

She was here today.  I made vegetable soup yesterday and saved enough for DH and my dinner tonight.  But she has health issues and eats crap so I offered her some soup to take home and she gladly accepted.  (When she lived here, she ate it wolfishly).  I put some in a go-bowl and put the lid on it.  My back was turned to her but DH was laughing.  He said, you should have seen her face.  Apparently she opened the lid and pouted because it wasn't filled to the top.  I said, the rest is for our dinner.  He said, give her my share (of course he did). I did but bottom line, im stingy.

She had come over to give me money to compensate for an expense that is charged to us monthly.  I planned to go to the bank but had to do some other financial things first.  As she was leaving, she offered to stop by the bank for me.  I said, no, I'm going later.  She said under her breath, "She doesnt trust me".  Shes right, I dont but that wasnt the issue right then.  So, I'm distrustful.

So often, when I read other people's posts, my replies boil down to "Don't take it personally" and " Dont stress the small stuff".  I need to listen to my own advice.  Lol.


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Isn't it nice you didn't need to work at annoying her?    That's the way I looked at it.  

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Toss a can of it at her and say get well.  No way I am cooking for Bratty McBratFace ever again.  I told SO if Bratty ever does visit here again he is responsible for all hosting duties, including cooking.

Bratty is super picky, randomly vegan but won't eat salads or spicy food.  Basically all she eats is something in a box that has vegan on the label.  Gross.

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1. Dont take it personally. You did her a kindness and its not in her soul to appreciate you at all. I appreciate you.

2. Dont sweat the small stuff. Dont waste precious time and energy and emotion on a black void of nothingness. 


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I like to sing this Greatest Showman song about the skids but change the lyrics depending on the latest crime Of deficient Stepmotherhood I'm guilty of. There's literally no way to do it all right and I can't believe I have decades of this ahead of me

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Your SD is a perpetual victim, that must be exhausting. I can't even imagine spending all my waking hours looking for slights, real or imagined! Hahahaha Having a couple people in my life who are very similar to your SD, I sometimes wonder what it must be like in their heads? It just seems like 2+2 does not equal 4 in their

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One upside is that her responses are usually predictable except sometimes I underestimate how dramatic and volatile she can be.