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I love OSS

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It snowed about 8" here and the temp is around zero.  Three people offered to shovel for us last night, SD, OSS and GD.  DH83 turned them all down, said we would just huddle here for a day or so.  But he got out this morning before I got up and in his hard-headed way, shoveled a path to the car and started it for awhile.

There was a knock on the door about noon.  OSS had come anyway with a friend and shoveled everything else, the entire driveway and front walk.  I love OSS.


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Very considerate of him and his friend!

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We don't hear from him often but he is someone we can count on.  A very sincere person.

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As I've said before. Sincerity matches reality in my world. Glad you've got a good one at least there. 

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Amen sister! Preved

That's a good person, right there! Glad to see you have some good people in your lives to balance out the crazy!lol

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I'm really starting to understand this more and more as I get older. So many people are "spinners" when it comes to talk, but so few follow through with action. It's really shocking how we all accept words over actions so regularly and to our own detriment. 

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OMG, I used to give my parents holy hell when they would shovel snow in their 80s when they had 4 able-bodied family members living in town to do it for them.  Just to show me, my mother once sent me a picture of my father shoveling the walk. So stubborn.

Sadly, he's gone now, but she at least lives in independent living where it all done for her.

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DH83 should not be out shoveling snow.  I know it, he knows it, the kids know it and the GKs know it.  But he is a major hard-head.  The last snow, GD sent over her boyfriend to do it but DH stopped him (he'd already shoveled his path) and brought him in to drink a beer.  But I think today was a little overwhelming even for him and he was glad to see OSS. 

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It really is refreshing to read a happy/good story here. It's that glimmer of hope we all need. I'm glad he did that. I'm happy for you!!

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What a wonderful, thoughtful thing for your OSS to do. 

I love hearing stories like this.

Too few and far between here on ST.

Thanks for sharing ...made my day Smile



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Well, good for OSS! Hes definitely still in the will. JK!

Im glad that you are being taken care of during these extreme weather conditions.