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SD Christmas Party Shocker

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SD61wisely (I don't usually use that word with her) rescheduled her Christmas party for a week due to sub-zero temps last week.  I've been dreading it all week but we went tonight and SHOCKER, everything went well!

We were told "4:00 on" but DH85 took a late nap and told me to wake him at 4.  I could tell he was dragging his feet and I was sure not in any hurry.  He called her and she urged us to get over there.

So, her estranged daughter was there with the GC and OSS and wife came.  It was fine, the place looked good and she had food set out.  She was disappointed that her other 2 kids and other 2 GKs didnt show up but it was okay and let us give attention to the estranged daughter and her child.

I usually watch my food intake so carefully but if I ever needed booze, this was the time so I drank half a bottle of wine.  Lol.  But I praised her lavishly, told her I knew how much work it was, how we appreciated everything, the beauty, etc.  Frankly, I never thought she'd pull it off without 1,000 panicky phone calls which never materialized.

Thank goodness it's all over.








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I'm so so happy it ended up better than expected for you and it's over! It's always a relief!

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Just goes to show your SD can do better - when she wants to and isn't being enabled.

I'm glad the party is over and you made it through unscathed.