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Life in JingerVille

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aww man, I can't remember my account password and now I can't post.Let's try first comment box.


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Hello Fellow Steppers!!! Smile Smile

It's has been so long that I can not remember my password to my account Smile

Life in JingerVille is fabulous! We have now returned from the airport after putting SS13 on a plane back to his BM. A long lovely summer without my stepchild. Fantastic!! Smile
It helped me think of my dear beloved STeppers, who saved my sanity, my marriage and helped me to get the hell away from BM! I miss you guys Smile

For an update: my DH and I are settled in Europe. SS is living with us full time, free from the sick influence of his mother. I have a bun in the oven and the stork is due to visit my house for the first time at the end of July. Smile

Like Pinocchio, SS has transformed into a normal boy! No major skid problems, no attitude, no BM to deal with!! He goes back to Mommy for chaos of husband number 5 and a confusing list of children (half-brothers, half-sisters, stepbrothers, stepsisters, ex stepbrothers, ex stepsisters. I can't keep track any more.) DH and I don't know what will come back in August.

My advice to anyone struggling with Step-fucking-Hell is GET OUT!!!! For your own sake do what you need to have a happy life! Leave your DH/DW, leave your fuck awful skids!!! Don't ever put your happiness second to a bitter monster ex spouse or a crazy, filthy, attitude giving skid! Screw them. Life is precious and you can be happy!

I wanted to divorce my DH and move across the ocean before he came to his senses! We got SS because BM has too many children to count! Without the influence of his rancid mother, he is normal!!!

You too can escape StepHell. With a little help from my friends Smile Smile
Those still fighting the good fight, bitch slap those who got it coming. Smile

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Sally!!! Smile Smile you still here?
Your beloved SD still tormenting you with lady products!

Ah man, I missed you. Xx

Life is fantastic! Kid is on a plane to the U.S. He is with us full time. He can torment his bitch mother for the summer. I don't care.

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Thanks - I look like I swallowed a whole watermelon. I don't know how this kid is coming out but down there it ain't gonna fit! Wink

So happy for Katielee. Yeah, best is to tell your dustbin, I mean husband, it's me or the kid. And mean it. If he chooses the kid. Great stuff! Screw him too because you don't want the sex trophy. It ain't yours!

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True! I have my own trophy for having sex. Can't claim I am a virgin any more! Wink

My first, DHs second. SS13. I dunno. He has a whole messed up family tree with his mother. 4 other half bros and soon to be ho's. Then step bros and stepsisters and ex step brothers and ex step sisters. I can't tell how many there are or were.

Surprisingly he is happy. Something happened to this kid in the last year. He is normal. Was upset he won't be here for the birth but I wanted this to be mine and DHs time. Kwim? He can come back from his egg donor all screwed up again but we will deal with it.

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Unstick yourself babe. It ain't worth investing in effed up kids when their egg donor is around.

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I have got to run, ok more like waddle my fat ass and front out of here.
Lots of love to you all Smile

Keep on keeping on. Wink Will check in with my life savers more often.