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Operation Stepbrat Continues

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So, my first salvo in dealing with lying disgusting SS12 was to refuse to speak English to him or in his presence. He only speaks English. This was after I reached the end of my tether with this child's rudeness, laziness and disrespect. It is the start of my disengaging, but first I will take back my house by waging war against this brat.

SS is totally confused- he is solidly ignored and when I do respond its in a language he doesn't understand. (He doesn't know a decent way of speaking to me an now he can't speak to me.) He bitched to DH about the non- English and DH spoke to me. I told DH, it is your kid, he can learn Dutch! It's not my duty to speak English to a rude brat.

SS also scratches in my files or paperwork. I purposely left fake emails about adopting another child in my paperwork. SS12 had a hissy fit with his Dad about the pending adoption of a baby... DH of course had no idea what SS was talking about. When DH asked me I innocently said I have no idea what you are talking about. The kid is lying. SS was furious! Temper tantrum of note... See SS you are not the only one who can lie. Left brochures on the coffee table about property . SS is aware I want to move. He asked me about it, I ignored him. He asked his Dad, dad had no idea what he was talking about. Of course he didnt.... Neither did I. SS TV is PG13 anything else is restricted. No one knows why he can't remember the password code for the settings... Probably because I reset it. Our TV, password protected and mainly on foreign language channels. See SS, two can play psychological terrorist!!

Then SS went home to BM who called me. My Phone caller ID for BM is Satan. I am not answering that. Three phone calls. All ignored. BM phones ranting! DH slams phone on the nutcase talking about adopted babies... Nice!

DH also has his hands full. He has to make SS lunch, do his laundry, check his homework... And it's driving him nuts! All I do is make dinner, SS is ignored except I make dinner for him. I told DH I will no longer deal with this rude disrespectful brat- parent your own child on your own. I take zero responsibility. Your monkey, your circus.
DH is grateful SS is back with his mother. Quite an eye opener to deal with your own little lying dirty rude brat, DH. Enjoy it.

Life is pretty good in Jingerville at present.

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Thanks aniki and Rutherford. Disengaging is fun. Or should I say, the road to disengaging is fun....

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Oh yeah, I had a line in there about a nice new baby to replace SS!!
(if SS didn't scratch in my things, He wouldn't have seen it. Serves him right!! Rat traps in there next...)

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Of course everything that happens in our house is reported straight to BM, this kid is badly brainwashed or jammed up Mom's ass! Its a bit harder now since I do not have English conversations with DH. So his understanding of what he overhears is zero. SS can not understand what we are saying. Report that to Mmmoooommmyyy!!
It was funny to hear DH mumble about adopting kids - after screaming at BM "We are not adopting!" I swear the windows rattled when he slammed down that phone.

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I know my behavior is pathetic and childish, but its so much fun!!
Eff it!! I have been pushed to my absolute limit. Might as well have fun whilst I get my brain into I don't give a damn mode.

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German is good for issuing commands and sounding insane!! Ever seen 'Allo 'Allo? Learn to speak like Helga.
Kum here now!! Vot do you vunt??!!

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LOLOLOL I love it! Great ideas! I might use some of them.

Embrace the wicked... Muahahaha

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He, Toen ik net in Nederland kwam, woonde ik een paar jaar in een slaapstadje buiten Utrecht. Nu woon ik in Leiden. Smile

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Ik had je naam al eerder gezien, en dacht al dat het Nederlands moest zijn. Ik had het je nog gevraagd, maar kon het topic daarna niet meer terugvinden. Je bent toch een canadese? Voor de liefde naar ons koude kikkerlandje gekomen?

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Yes! Good for you for disengaging and pissing off SS in the process!

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I'm sorry, I honestly don't see where you're disengaging. I see you baiting your SS and setting him up to look bad to your DH. Granted he shouldn't be going through your things, however the easy answer is to lock up your computer and papers.

I get that skids are annoying as hell at time, but if you truly want to disengage then stop interacting with your SS, only responding when necessary. Lock up your important things and stop engaging him.

ETA - BTW - rooting for the Netherlands in the World Cup. Smile

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True, I haven't fully disengaged yet. I don't take any care of SS, that is Dddaaaddyy's problem. At the moment I am just annoying the kid. Until I have had enough of it. Shoe is on the other foot.

I disagree that I should lock up my stuff. SS has no right to go through my things. He needs to learn boundaries - not me secure things in my own home. Anyway, rat traps should sort that next time...

I think I am on the road to disengaging, I really can't stand the kid and want nothing to do with him.

Thank you for cheering on the Netherlands. Please hope that they win - or my home goes into mourning. Last time the Dutch lost in the finals to Spain, DH was morbid for a week!! Don't relish that prospect again so Hup Hup Holland!! (It's for domestic bliss... Hehe )

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Disengagement, es ist gut ja?! (Its good, yes?!)
Man, Sally I am so grateful for this site!! Disengaging from this kid is a godsend! I am doing the d-e in my own way now, but even DH is getting tired of being Ddddaaaaaddddyyy. Not my problem!

Glad things are going well with you and hubby and that tampon queen miss messy is out of your hair! (Still feel :jawdrop: on that story)

DEU v NED - no guesses where my loyalties are. Saturday is already set out here: in front of tv for the game against Costa Rica.

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O that's our dream final: germany vs holland. As long as we can win that is. Blum 3

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Evil dutch speaking genius. Hilarious!!!!

Next put out info on moving to another country for him to see.

And how to tell a kid thier dad is really not thier dad. }:)

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Thank you!! Going to use your tips too.
I can't wait for SS to get back to our house- never felt THIS way before!

I have to be careful so DH doesn't catch on to what I am doing. But this kid lies so much, its easy to chalk up his truths now as lies. Giving him a reason to hate me- I deserve it now.

Two can play his game .