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SD wants to be at the baby shower.. And has 18% in math

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DH told me that SD told him that BM is mad at her and gave her the silent treatment for wanting to attend our shower Thanksgiving weekend instead of take the trip to ride the Polar Express. SD even brought it up to me at dinner and asked "don't I need to be there?" because she hasn't seen some of her friends (our friend's kids) in over a year and invited some school friends also. Plus it's her baby sister's party and my family from out of town will be here. I told her that DH will talk to BM but that he has no legal foot to stand on and that she will have to talk to BM herself and explain her feelings.

Also, the trip to Ireland and her homework packet given ahead of time was too much to learn without class time and she failed the quizzes that she took last week. On top of that, SD said she and her friend got zeroes on their math tests today because SD asked what time it was (apparently the clock was covered) and they were given no credit. I told her that was a bad judgment call on her part and that you don't talk during tests, period.

I asked SD what she is going to do to not fail and she doesn't know. Either she gets extra credit work or has to take a summer class. If she does pass this far in the semester, it'll be a miracle. Oh, and SD said BM won't allow her to attend summer school. Not sure how she'll get to 9th grade if she fails 8th grade algebra..


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If the SD is failing math that badly, one of her parents should contact the teacher to find out what she can do to get help and pass.  Of course she should be pursuing it too, but she's a middle school student and they should not rely on her to fix things on her own.  Especially since math builds on prior learning and they don't want her falling hopelessly behind.  Not to mention that adults made the decision that she could miss school for a trip, so it's incumbent on them to help her get back on track.  

I think it's great that she wants to be at the baby shower!

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I agree that either DH or BM needs to talk to the teacher, too. Of course, BM will make a huge stink if she's involved and claim SD is being "picked on" like she and GBM did when SD got caught cheating and passing notes- insert biggest eyeroll ever. DH was dragged along to that meeting and said it was a total waste of time.

I'm also happy that she wants to be with us instead but I told her, in BM's defense, she didn't know we had plans and if BM decides that a 13 year old should be on the Polar Express instead of with dad, she has to accept it.

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...but my SS got his final grades this week and he got a 7.97% in math. You have to work really hard to get a grade that low!

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Of course the teacher is just being unreasonable but I've heard they don't get paid enough to care at SD's small school and I honestly don't blame her. SD does have a study hall and isn't utilizing it properly so I reminded her last night that dad said explicitly that math comes before creative writing (her other class during study hall).

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So it's the teacher's fault she failed math...because the teacher doesn't get paid enough?!? I've heard some lame ass excuses but that one wins the moron award.

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I'm not saying that. I meant SD thinks the teacher is being unfair and I'm sure BM and GBM do, too. DH told SD it's her own fault for talking during a test and that she deserved the zero. I agree with that. She didn't need to know how much time she had left and DH told her school is her JOB and she needs to stop testing the rules. Kids are stupid.

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Hindsight is the best sight, for sure. I didn't think it was a good idea, especially since math already isn't her strong subject.